Help identifying some models

Heart of Storm

Gang Hero
Mar 8, 2019
Hi Yaks

I picked up a cheap, poorly labelled job lot on ebay which I'm just dividing up and selling, and I found these handsome chaps in the pack.

Any idea what these models are and what system they're from? They're destined for Ebay, unless they'd be useful to some Yak?
They look like Warzone Mutant Chronicles minis.

EDIT: Found them.

Yep, Tiny beats us all to the answer.

I have to say they’re a lot more deformed than I remember!! Those grey ones in particular look like the Space Crusade Chaos Androids if you put Flesh on them!!

There were a lot of these types of not-Marines around 88-90. Em4 has another ex-boardgame set too.

I vote we call these alternatives “Cosmos Seals”. 🤣