Henry Cavill painting Custodes...

Condottiero Magno

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Sep 11, 2019
Brighton, Massachusetts
Article from back in April, but it's new to me:

It's Not Fair That Henry Cavill Is This Much of a Nerd

[ And now, Cavill’s adding another deeply geeky notch to his belt: He’s painting Warhammer 40K models. The actor shared his work over the weekend on Instagram in a post about him dabbling in hobbies old and new during the novel coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The Games Workshop habit is one of the old ones—an “almost life long [hobby],” Cavill says in his post, “that I’ve been following but not actively doing.” /QUOTE]

Why is it always 40k related and not WFB? I'd like to see an actor show off his WFB 5th Edition Dogs of War collection...🤔
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