Heresylab minis

Brendan Flynn

Nov 25, 2016
Esperance WA
Do any of you guys have Heresylab minis in your collections? I have put in a sizeable order and am really looking forward to seeing them in the resin (so to speak). I had to grab their Bull Gorg to lead my Sons of Gorg gang which includes one of each of the original pit fighters and two servitors for heavies.

I also ordered what they call a Sauberung Team, which scream Arbitrators and not just your run of the mill enforcers. These and the (citizens of the old world one set) which would be perfect for Mordhiem but I got for my brother for Christmas, for his dnd town he is building.

Finally the main reason I had to order from them I also bought ten of the waspmen (two of each model). These are the nicest Vespid models available currently, imho, and I love the whole look of these minis. Now I just need a model of John Balushi in his killerbee costume to lead these bad boys and they could become the scourge of the underhive. I am considering sombrero's as well.
I bought around 20ish models (fantasy models for mordheim) with one of their kickstarter campagnes and am a bit underwhelmed. Some models are better than others. Some of them have the same problems that I ran into with other resin models as well (Scibor for example) where cleaning the model (moldlines, excess resin, etc.) felt more like sculpting. I don't want to shame a company and YMMV but I am not a returning customer.
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Well it will be a couple of months before I get the miniatures (Australia post is a bit of a joke). I just hope they get here frankly. The models look really good on the website and I really hope they are crisp and clean. I'll let you once I receive them. Anyone else have any experience of their miniatures?
My miniatures arrived and they are really nice miniatures. Bull Gorg is a great final miniature to complete my Sons of Gorg pitslave gang, very thematic. Their Sauberung I think are the nicest Arbitrator miniatures on the market with loads of individual, dynamic, poses and a good selection of weapons. I am really impressed with these and they will take pride of place in my Arbitrator force of some 40 miniatures.

They have a number of excellent assassin miniatures, as well as some great Inquisitor options. They also do 55mm minis for those who collect Inquisition miniatures ( I have around a hundred), and I would like to add some of these.

Now the caveat. I ordered two Sauberung squads and paid for two but only received one. I have sent a couple of emails over the last two weeks and received no replies, which I am a bit miffed about. I think I will have to raise a dispute with paypal which I hate doing but it seems like the only way I will get a response from them
Inform them by mail that you plan to open a dispute in case you do not recieve an answer in x hours/days. As long as you are within the paypal service time it should be okay and urge them to reply.
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Hey Vertigo I did hear back from them and it appears as though Luca is on his own running things at the moment so it took him a long time to respond. He hasn't refunded the dosh yet but at least we are talking and he seems like he aants to help out so I am just awaiting the funds which will immediately buy a Goliath gang from Wargames Atlantic (Spacenam).

I'll do another order to Italy (HeresyLab) after Christmas I think.
Refund received, and preorder to Wargames Atlantic for Spacenam miniatures, to use as Goliaths, complete. I am hoping these will come through prior to Christmas but, not too sure, as it will depend when the Oz stock arrives in the local warehouse.

Oh the guy I have been calling Luca at Hereseylab, is actually Chris (not very Italian), oops. Despite being really busy he was helpful so my overall impression of Hereseylab is a good one and I'll certainly be returning for more as there are quite a few more mini's I like.
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I thought I should provide an update now that I have my mini's. These are beautiful miniatures with extremely detailed finishing. They are quite fragile as a result of the fine detail but so well designed. The Saubarung team of all female Arbitrators look amazing. They are so good I have assigned them to guard my Judge General and Guild Adjudicator. Bull Gorg was as huge and intimidating as I had hoped he'd be and the one Vespid I have assembled is a georgeous miniature and will fit in nicely with my Thrikreen for the wastes. Nine more Vespids to go......
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