N18 Hidden Condition

Just want to clarify the 'hidden condition'. Now if a game is subject to the 'Pitch Black' rule, or you are in a un-illuminated area of the hive, then all fighters in that area are classed as hidden. So can't be seen until they perform a action that reveals themselves. A fighter can see another fighter that 3 inches or less away, unless you have photogoggles which extends this to 12 inches. A fighter can reveal themselves in a number of ways, firing a weapon that is not silent or has a suppressor, such as a flamer. Or just being unfortunate enough to be one fire, illuminated by a flare and other such effects.
As such you can't see them, you can't shoot them, but does that also mean that you can't charge them. I can't find anything that clarified this, unless it was in a FAQ that I've missed.

I take it that this would work in both directions, I can't think of a specific case, but if your own fighter can't see his buddy, then they wouldn't be able interact with them. I was thinking it might be the case with Overseer, but I can't see anything that states it has to be in a vision arc. Though bottle tests do seem to require line of sight, so if you failed a bottle check due to a number of fighters going out of action. You leader and champs would only affect those within 3 inches of themselves.