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Aug 30, 2014
So the idea is a quick, small game of Necromunda. This would be ideal for a giggle, testing out new rules/terrain/weapons, and would also be a great entry-level game.


Quick to set up- less terrain (space hulk?), simplified scenarios, smaller playing area

Quick to play- ganger cards/ WYSIWYG only, smaller gang size, simple AI

Single player/co-op- no campaign? (all in scenario), fittable with larger games? AI for civilian, beast and gangs.

I guess if we did play with tiles we could always make more... 8)
Any more for any more?
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Looks like Deadzone, by ManticGames, had a solo play mechanism:

Seems to be linked to v1 rules, and we'd be in v2 now (I have never played Deadzone, so I dont know).
Edit: "This exciting expansion features two new campaigns for Deadzone. One introduces solo-play - 'Artificial Stupidity' for a series of games against the Zombie hordes. The second campaign focuses around Nexus Psi and the hunt for the origins of the Plague outbreak."
So they have some sort of an AI system... not sure it works well, given the context, but I'd be curious to give it a look.
I think I've come across an AI system for space hulk, too, so... that could be a interesting system to use.

There is also a similar system for their dungeon crawler: adventurer companion for dungeon saga. Out of stock, but ebay has it (have ordered one, will report back later).
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Myself and the tormented shadow built some civilian and zombie ai a while ago, essentially there were different classes of each (cannon fodder, bystander, give scum) who each had their own movement of reaction rules, I'll definitely dig them out.

Beyond that, certain scenarios would lend themselves more to this type of thing. It would be nice if we could squeeze this between games, as it were?
Ok, random thoughts: how to make it quick. Eg sort of one fight, of which a normal necro game would have several. Eg maybe select subset of gang, and have them do a hand to hand, or shootout before hand to hand, or approach like in a sentinels scenario, ans depending on how well you approach the beast, or roll dice, the one fight is hard or easy.

Make one room, or a suite of different rooms, kinda small (max 24x24 playing table?). Each is a challenge/a scene/an encounter. My point is: we could think about setups same as spacehulk maps are thought out. Itd also be a quick tjing to set up and play for when you have an hour or so not more.

Succession of random exploration, deck/roll for monster, and post battle treasure/ressource accumulation. Maybe do a better accounting of ammo? Like, a glorifizd terrain ressource exploration, instead of rolling two d6 you go get those creds by killing rats and selling their fur, hopefully for more than what you spend on ammo to kill them :p
I also have campaign rules that include food, ammo and water resources.... On the subject of scale, perhaps this could fit instead of a leader and friends' rare trade excursion... Or rather, maybe it could represent 'beasting' or some initiation for juves.... Maybe not, those ideas are too niche. Maybe only gangers who haven't gone ooa?
Making a spyrer game would be an easy way into this. But yeah, half-gang seems about right... What about heavies?
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Spyrer would be fun!

I guess a huge part of this stems from answering a simple question: what are we trying to achieve here? What type of game, what context do we want?

I guess there are two different things:
- mostly a solo game, maybe quick n dirty
- mostly a "filler" for between game of a campaign
These could be similar, share mecanics, of course, but I think the question of intent is an important one ;)

I would rather do the first one, eg small, "play a subset of a gang", possibly unrelated to an existing gang, or a 250cred gang with 0 heavy, for example.

Play this on spacehulk like tiles (deathwatch overkill has tiles too, and lasercutting/printing on paper or drawing on cardboard our own shouldnt be too hard). Could be played on standard terrain, but doesnt sound as fun/wouldnt be a crawler.
Then, either an already scripted scenario ala gamebook, or, to an extend, spacehulk maps; or a deck of cards/dice rolls to choose map elements and events (events which of course would have to be invented).
That, plus a nice bestiary and basic AI for the monsters.

Aaaand that is all! Well, close enough to come up with a v0.0001 and give it a quick try :)
Well as I say, I have basic ai rules for zombies which would work well... So really its just a case of coming up with scenarios. The first one that pops to mind:

I also wrote an encounter chart a while ago, I'll try and post this stuff for you over the next few days
FWIW I'd like to play single/coop games without an arbitrator, preferably with my main gang. OTOH you couldn't have gangers gaining xp away from the competitive table, that'd lead to abuse...

Perhaps a smaller game with the actions, specialties or bad exp of privateer/Imunda?

Or you could have a stripped back game with no campaign, minimal postgame (no skills/exp) maybe with just those privateer specialties for fun?

Or somewhere in-between, or something else...
I guess it will probably have to be standalone I think, can't see any way to meaningfully integrate it. Unless you had the big games affect the small games? That's easy with a map, after a battle pick a path etc.

Anyway I've written up a set of priorities above, feel free to chime in. I guess we'll use the most recent rules for sh board rules we can find, I should probably give them a reread....
Just had a fluff idea... Maybe these guys represent outlaws or gangers with no territory to work, who have come across long-forgotten areas of the hive and plunge in with their eyes full of gold and archeotech?

I reread tunnels of love, the rules are great and very well done. So the next part is deciding what level of roleplay depth we'd like?
sadly, it looks so! I secretly plan to not respect my current "I shall not buy too many minis" and gey blackfortress, to check their dungeon rules, ans take whatever good idea I can take from there!
Hey ladies and gents,

I created some quick rules on playing zombies with the new necromunda rules. I have the zombie stats but they are in my journal book. I wanted to post this here so the community could take a look and add/change/suggest stuff. Please let me know what you think and if it makes sense . I know it has a lot of work but its a slow progress.

Necromunda Zombie/Ghoul Rules

Building a Team:

Players will begin by choosing a team of 4 fighter from a single gang consisting of:

· 1 leader

· 2 champions

· 3 gangers

· 0 juves “no room for errors”

· 1 Pet “optional”

The player will have 1200 credits to spend initially and follow the rules for equipment in the Necromunda underhive/ gang of war books. With the following custom special rules.

Limited quantity: The quantity will specify how many times a specific weapon from that type can be taken before having no more. For example, if the special weapon “Plasma Gun” is equipped to a fighter the “Plasma Gun” cannot be selected again since there is only a quantity of 1 in the special weapon type category.

· Basic Weapons: X2

· Pistols: X4

· Special Weapons: X1

· Heavy Weapons: X1

· Close Combat Weapons: X2

· Armor: Unlimited

· Wargear: X2

· Status Items: None

Heavy Weapons Custom Rules:

· A gang may only 1 heavy weapon at any time.

· The heavy weapon must be equipped to a ganger.

· A heavy weapon can only be fired once per activation phase, this will make more sense later when describing the action phase.

Weapon Traits modification/custom rules:

· Backstab: If the attack was made against a zombie/ghoul then the zombie/ghoul is taken out automatically on when wounded. No need to roll the injury dice!

· Blaze: When using blaze weapons against zombies /ghouls use the special rules that follow:

o When attacking zombies/ghouls roll a d6 if the zombie was not taken out action. On a 4+ the zombie is on fire. Anything with in 1” of the zombie/ghoul is in risk of also being on fire, on a roll of 5+ that also catches fire.

o During the dead phase roll a d6 and on 1-2 the fire goes out action, on a 3-4 the fire continues and on 5-6 the zombie/ ghouls melts away.

· Gas: When using gas weapons against zombies/ghouls use these special rules.

o “The Escher have developed an acid gas serum that deteriorates the bone and muscle of zombie/ghoul flesh, they have sold the recipe to other gangs as well.”

o When attacking with gas weapons after hitting with the gas weapons, the zombie/ghouls automatically suffer a wound. Roll an injury die, the zombie/ghoul can only be taken out by an out of action symbol. Serious Injury have no effect on the zombies/ghouls.

· Power: When hitting zombies/ghouls the damage increase is 2 instead of 1 on a hit roll of five or six. “Zombies are squishy and soft”

· Pulverize: When attacking a zombie/ ghoul after making an injury roll made by this weapon the attacker can roll a d6. If the result is equal to or stronger than the targets toughness, they can change one flesh wound die into a serious injury die. If the roll was a natural 6 the zombie/ghoul is automatically taken out.

· Rad-Phage: No effect on zombie/ghouls.

· Rending: When attacking zombies/ ghouls the roll wound is a 5 or 6 the damage is increased by two.

· Seismic: In addition, if the wound roll is a natural six the zombie/ghoul falls prone.

· Single Shot: Can be fired twice per game and not just once. When firing a weapon with single shot also roll the fire power die, on an ammo check symbol a mishap has happened. The weapon cannot be fired twice, and it backfires. Roll a d6, on a roll of 1 the attacker is immediately taken out of action.

· Smoke: In addition, if a zombie/ghoul begins its activation inside the smoke roll a scatter die to determine the random movement of the zombie. If a target is rolled on the scatter die the zombies do not move at all.

· Toxin: Toxin rules play the same way with one exception. When attacking zombies/ghouls the roll of 2d6 must be greater that the opposing roll. If the two rolls are equal the zombie is unaffected by the toxic weapon.

· Web: When attacking zombies. If the zombie/ghoul was successfully hit, they cannot move in the zombie phase. If they are engaged, then the player that is engaged can retreat freely with out taking a basic attack from the zombie/ghoul. In addition, there is a +1 to hit modifier on ranged attacks and +2 to hit modifier on melee attacks.

Necromunda Phase Modificaions:

· Priority Phase: The priority phase will only take place amongst players. If playing solo the player will always go first and the zombie/ghoul last.

o In addition, your leader must make a leadership role. Please note this as it will matter later in the action phase.

§ Subtract 1 from the leader ship role for every flesh wound taken.

· Action Phase: During the action phase a player will always activate three fighters at a time before another player can activate their own 3 models. After all players have taken their activation the zombies will activate.

o Modifications when activating players:

§ A player may not activate their leader and two champions with in the same activation.

· Activation Fighter Sets:

o 1 leader, 1 Champion, 1 Ganger

o 2 Champions, 1 Ganger

o 1 Leader, 2 Gangers

o 1 Champion, 2 Gangers

§ Each fighter has 1 additional action per turn for a base of 3. In addition, a fighter may have 1 additional action if a will check is passed. When making will checks:

· Subtract 1 for every zombie within 6 inches.

· Add 1 for every ally fighter within 4 inches.

· Doubles on the 2d6 rolls always succeed, even if the total is less than your fighter cool.

o Noise:

§ When fighter activate there is a chance of making noise.

§ Double Move = 1 point of noise

§ Shoot = 1 point of noise

§ Charge = 1 point of noise

§ Close Combat Attacks with Pistols = 1 point of noise.

§ Shoot action with a rapid-fire weapon = 2 points of noise.

§ Shoot action with a heavy weapon = 3 points of noise.

§ Using a grenade = 3 points of noise on spot of detonation.

o Zombie/Ghoul Action Sub-Phase: This is in addition to the action phase. During the zombie sub-phase all zombies will activate and perform the action below:

§ Actions:

· Zombies have two actions when activating:

o Move (Basic) – Described above

o Attack (Basic)-Describe above

§ Movement:

· Zombies/Ghouls will move towards the closest fighter they have line of sight to (los). If the zombies/ghouls are with in equidistant to more than one fighter they have los to, they will split up in equal numbers to move towards the fighters. If there is an odd number of zombies, then split them up as to have the extra zombie move towards the nosiest group.

· If the zombies/ghouls do not have line of sight to any players, they will move towards the noisiest area. If there is an equal amount of noise from different fighters, then split the zombies/ghouls among the fighters. If there is an odd number of zombies, split the them up as to have the extra zombie go towards the fighter with the most wounds.

§ Attack:

· If the zombies reach the fighters, they can immediately make a single basic attack.

· Ghouls will use their range weapons if possible, to make a single range basic attack

· A zombie can begin go make a special attack if they have been engaged with a fighter for more than one turn.

· Dead Phase:

o Conditions:

§ Any conditions are taken care of in the beginning of the dead phase such as fire etc.…

o Spawning Zombies:

§ There will always be a spawning zone in the center of the board. In addition, there will be 1 more spawning zone in a random location for every gang that participated in the scenario. This is subject to change depending on scenario of special rules.

§ The spawning zone cannot be within 24 inches of any player and within 6 inches of another spawning zone.

§ Number of zombies/ghouls spawned:

· 3d6 zombies/ghouls are spawned per the number of gangs on the board for the and are distributed as evenly as possible between the spawning points.

· If a roll of one is rolled then a special zombie will spawn instead of a zombie/ghoul. Zombie stats can be found at the end of this table.

· End Phase:

o Bottle Test modification:

§ Ignore the bottle test rules in the necromunda rule book. Instead a gang will bottle if one of these conditions is met:

· Roll a d6 and add the number of fighters that have been taken out of action. If the number is higher than an 8 the gang bottles.

· The leader is taken out of action.

§ After the gang has bottled it follows the normal rules in the necromunda rule book.

Zombie Rules:

Zombies are unaffected by serious injured rolls and can only be taken out by flesh wounds or out of action. Zombies are tough it takes extra wounds to take them down.

A zombie’s toughness does not get weaker with each flesh wound, however, instead its wounds are lowered by one. When the zombie drops to zero wounds it is taken out of action.

If a player rolls an out of action it is as he/she got a critical hit “head shot”, remove the zombie from play. There are some zombies in the game that are unaffected by the head shot rule you will know as the it will be noted on the zombie card.
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