N18 Hoc campaign starting gang


Dec 15, 2019
Im starting my campaign soon and I’ll be playing Goliath. There will be 4 gangs and we are all pretty new at this. The others are Cawdor, vansaar and enforcers. Nobody is going to be playing cheesy starting gangs so im Not expecting hard lists at the offset.
I am building a mid range gang with the emphasis of getting my main melee guys doing work. I am following the philosophy of boys before toys so weapon choices are a little limited.

Here is the list. Lemme know if I should teak it more.

Forge Tyrant - Bolter, Axe, furnace plates ( unstoppable)

Forge boss - Renderizer , furnace plates, dermal hardening ( nerves of steel)

Stimmer - Paired Pulverisers , Furnace Plates, Dermal hardening ( Nerves of steel)

Bruiser specialist - grenade launcher , furnace plates

Bruiser - combat shotgun , furnace plates

Bruiser - stub gun, furnace plates

Bruiser - stub gun, furnace plates

Forgeborn - knife, stubb gun , furnace plates.

We got some trash in here for objectives and blocking but also some tough mofos but overall I’m at 8 goliaths in a starting gang so prio will be making champs and leaders more survivable and getting weapons to replace the stubcannons.
Whats the plan for the stub gun bruiser? If you're going to give them a melee weapon down the line you'd be better off with bullies, who are cheaper but melee just as well.

I'd also suggest that if no-one else in your campaign is going for cheese lists id reconsider dermal hardening. Nerves of steel goliath champions are strong enough as they are without the toughness boost - widespread use of dermal hardening is one of the bigger powergamer plays in necromunda
The 2 stub gun bruisers are going to trade up weapons when they can. We are house ruling that basic weapons maybe removed from a ganger / juve but anything else they are stuck with so the stub guns will get recycled to new recruits.

I could switch one to a bully and make him built for close combat and upgrade the bruiser with a better gun.

I’m flexible with the dermal hardening. I like the idea of genesmithing so I’d like to have the 2 champions with something.
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Genesmithing itself is fine, but dermal hardening is VERY good for the cost and running a lot of it gets very unfun for everyone else