Homebrew Gang: Spyrer Hunt


Mar 16, 2018
Brisbane QLD, Australia
With the Hospitaler Mission basically done at this point, I wanted to take a shot at everyone's favourite serial killers. Maybe I should narrow that down, I wanted to do Spyrers.

Spyrer Rules

These are, currently, not even in alpha as I'm still throwing stuff at the wall. In part because I'm not 100% sure people will be on board with what I'm doing with them. The idea was to make it not a 1:1 translation between the old necromunda and N17 with them but a translation that keeps the spirit of them without ignoring too much of the mechanics of N17 in the process. For example, in the old one 'Your suit upgrades' was folded into experience as potential upgrades and they didn't use advancement at all. With these, I decided to split 'suit upgrades' and 'exp' up, with them spending credits (Representing the suits coming online through hunting) on the former and the latter going to skills as normal. As a result, I've put them on a venator-style credit progression where it's based on reputation (The more you win games, the faster your suits upgrade) rather than holding territory.

In addition, with N17 having a lot more in the way of 'shiny toys' for everyone it seemed like the Spyrers would also need to keep up as they are supposed to be the shiniest of shiny toy gangs so I'm working on some options for them there. These special/heavy weapons are suit locked as they are not supposed to be new physical weapons but alternate fire modes (That are beyond 'special ammo' in difference. For example, a Yeld can get a 1/game massive overcharge of the lasgauntlets as a heavy weapon or a Jakarra can blind people at range with sudden flashes of the mirror shield.

Feedback with this is highly appreciated. As I said, this isn't a 1:1 translation so I'd like to see if people consider these tinkerings to be heresy.