Homebrewed rules for GRC and a new big gun


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Jan 22, 2022
Some homebrewed rules I have worked on for the GRC also includes a new big gun for Orks and diggas aswell as some Gubbinz I have modified from the Miniwargameing.net own Rules

well I wanted to post these as someone might find them usefull or hillarious to use do please come with comments or your own ideas.

Grot Workshop

Grot warbands might want to “improove” their rides to further the rebelions cause offcourse. A upcoming and succesfull head honcho might ask the kommittee to allocate a workforce of Grot oilers and the great master tinkerer of the grot workshop to “improve” their stuff

To do this the Big honcho must talk to the kommittee and pay 1 or more theef and make A initative test adding +1 for each extra theef used beside the first to presuade the kommittee of the cause.

If the initative test is succesfull roll on the table below adding +1 for each theef over the first used to persuade the “Kommittee”. If it fails the kommittee does not deem it important enough for the rebelions cause or they just dont care. The vehicles cant have any upgrade except extra armour more then once. If a double is rolled A permanent damage is repaired on 5+ instead

1-4. With much grace the kommittee accepts this generous donation to the cause and gives the Head Honcho A shiny medal. It can be used to reroll a bottling out roll one use only.

5-6. Roll for one upgrade for one of your vehicle

7. Impressed by your Head honchoos speech and especially with his description of his fearless grots one grot comes to the attention of the Kommitee Roll randomly Reroll Head Honcho and Banna Wava, That grot is now seen as a revolutionary hero and may buy Gunz. If the grot ever dies the grot crew suffers -1 LD for the next game

8-9. Two rolls on the table can be on the same vehicle

10. Randomly roll for a gubbin and add it to the ride as the Grot kommitee has found it in their “stock”

11. With dedicated founds and deep pockets you get three rolls on the table that may be spread between the vehicles

12+. Impressed by your dedication A imprompt parade is done for your honor many squig juices are shared and you even get to shake hand with the famous Red Gobbo himself ! Your crew is exilirated...and very drunk for the next game your Grots got +1 LD but not everyone are fit for fight and everyone must roll as if they had an old battle wound

Upgrades Lugga

With a lot of Tssking and oil spills and sprockets going everywhere something gone wrong roll on crippled vehicle re-roll destroyed, if captured was rolled the Lugga has been “borrowed” by another Grot Gang for the next game. If “bitter enmity” is rolled the Head Thinker has persuaded your head honcho that some gang “roll randomly” did it when nobody was looking

2. Improved squig bellow makes it easier to use and they add +2 on slow speed and +1 for each D6 rolled for combat speed also it makes a fun Squeeky noise when squished

3. With some squig signals that honks if the wheel is turned to sharply the Lugga is easier to steer add +1 Ld when driving this Lugga

4. Rickety struts and smart holes makes it easier for the grots to board the Lugga and they get +1 initiative trying to get aboard it if it drives more then 6”

5. Bolting on more plates randomly gives +1 Armour to one location no location can ever get more than +2 Armour if the Lugga ever get a total of +5 Armour over its original value it gets -1 on all D6 in combat speed and -1 when driving slowly. This is cumulative

6. Shinny ! With a lot of paint and banners the Lugga is a testament of true Grot revolutionary prowess and gives any Grot +1 Ld onboard or within 6”

Upgrades Cutta

With a lot of Tssking and oil spills and sprockets going everywhere something gone wrong roll on crippled vehicle re-roll destroyed, if captured was rolled the Cutta has been “borrowed” by another Grot Gang for the next game. If “bitter enmity” is rolled the Head Thinker has persuaded your head honcho that some gang “roll randomly” did it when nobody was looking
2. Skids, With skids the light cutta glides effortlessly over soft sand and ignores the negative impact to speed from it

3. Safety parts. A smart rigger has fitted seeffty wheels or skids to the Cutta and it may turn twice without a LD test

Big sail! The Cutta is fitted with a huge sail and gains +1D6 on speed..this could get ugly

5. Fixed weapon mount: The cutta can fit A singular "Gunz" used like a Bike, use Luggas hit location table until the fixed weapon is destroyed

6. With scrap plates squig hides and Shroomboards the Cutta is fitted with +1 Armour on A random location for each +4 Armour over its orignal value the cutta looses 1 from each D6 rolled for speed it can never have more then +2 armour in any loacation then its original value

Grot Seerjery!

The grots have many A Grot orderly who escaped from their Ork Doc*s oppression so now they can show what they really are made of..witch isn't much but at least they try and are well motivated when they put Grots back together not always with the intended or expected results Roll A “T” test for the Grot if its failed roll on the Ooops table


The orderly's accidentally did something horribly wrong the Grot is dead. Off-course they blame it on Kumplications during the advance prooceeedur

3. the grot was accidentally used for spare parts roll another serious injury re-roll captured, bitter enmity,

4. The Grot was taken by another gang by accident and misses the next battle. He is not threated

5. This ifnt ruught? Randomly roll for A injury table except for the injury he was getting threatment for (Cost 1 theef)

6. With experimentul technuquies and A lot of squig glue a true marvel is made roll for Ork Serjury randomly but the grot looses 1T from the experimental proceeduure (cost 1d3 theef)

Arm injury (cost 1d3 theef)

Shiny stump. No hand but its shiny!

2. Hook – count as knife cant hold anything else

3. Grippa – count as new hand but it takes a turn to drop what he is holding as he needs to unscrew it

4. Catapult. The hand is A catapult..needs two hands to be used

5. Spring loaded hand. Count as hand when thrown of A vehicle it may roll initiative to stay on as the hand grabs onto something

6. Squig arm..its a squig! Give it a name. Works as normal hand but got a mind of its own

Leg injury table (Cost 1d3 theef)

Peg leg -1 move

Shiny Peg leg -1 move but looks shiny

3. Pogo leg. May jump 2d6 inches once each game roll initiative if failed roll scatter dice for direction

4. Soft spring leg with nice boot counts as normal leg

Frag stikkbomb leg..Uuh ooh how did that get there? Roll 1d6 each time the Grot falls of anything or at the end of its move if it charges or runs on a 1 it explodes as A frag stickbomb

6. Booing Booing leg made from some spring steel +1 move

Head injury table (1d3 theef)

Scooping out the mess in the Grots skull the Orderly replaces it with A shroom, There as new..almost. The Grot is now stupid

Replaces an eye with A squig eye it glares evilly and not always in the same direction. Grots treat this Grot as causing fear

Filling the head with squig gas seems to fix most issues, The Grot is as new...almost. At the start of a turn roll a D6 on a 1 roll a scatter dice and move the Grot 2d6 to A maximum of his run move

4. Replaces the nose and mouth with A breathing-mask and a Gas-canister on the back -1 Move as its heavy and hard to breath +1 armour from the extra metal

5. The Orderly takes out the Grots brain flips it upside down puts it back and gives it a good kick and the Grot is healed it’s A miracle!

6. Steel cap head if the Grot goes out of action roll A dice on A 6+ he stands up again with 1 wound left

Ooh Zog injury table (chest and old battle wound) (Cost 1d3 theef)

After entering a suspicious tube the Grot returns as new! The Grot retains all of his equipment but is a completely new standard Grot. Off-course he is totally the “same” Grot as before and not the Orderly's second cousin at all.

2. Squig lungs. The Grot got a new pair of lungs sometimes they work backwards...Anyhow roll 1d6 when he moves on 1-3 he can only move up to 4” on 4-6 he runs and must move his maximum run or charge distance”

3. Poggo body. The Grot always move 2d6 inches when he moves and ignore terrain if he lands in terrain he must roll initiative test or he takes a str 3 hit

Boosta Gas: Boosta gas canisters been fitted to this Grot he has a 2” str3 ranged attack it can set things on fire just like A scorcha as he belches fiery fumes he also hits himself on 4+ when using this attack

5. Frag heart. Anytime this Grot goes down or is pinned roll 1d6 on a 1 he explodes as A frag grenade from the stressful situation and goes out of action. Also needs a replacement heart miss 1 game

Experiemntin spezul technique. The Orderly's puts something into the grot..they don't really know what it was roll A dice. A grot can only get +1 on each stat from this event if the same is rolled re-roll this can increase his stats over max

1. +1

2. +1 initiative

Roll again 1-3 + 1 Str 4-6 + 1 Toughtness

4. +1

5. Roll again 1-3 +1 Bs 4-6 +1 Ws

Roll on any skill table from any faction and get that skill

New Rules

Big gunz

Lobba (Cost 11)

Meks soon found out that being able to lob A grenade longer distances worked pretty well also it was fun to put theef on where it would hit and it did make A nice bang. Soon more of these lobbas was being contructed from Simple sickbomb tossing catapults to multibarrel magazine mated pieces with specially made ammo usualy with something scribbled on it like “Eat Dis!” or “Yer face ere!” and similar slogans.

How to Fire

The Lobba fires like A Grot splattapult from the Digganob book but uses the scatter dice and artillery dice instead. The Lobba scatters the full distance on the Artillery dice and not half like stickbombs. If you roll A Jam symbol make A ammo roll and if you roll A hit and a Jam symbol roll on the stickbomb goes wild table page 47 in DA Rulez.


: Each ammo type needs to have its strength upgraded separately if you loose strength during an upgrade randomize what ammo that loose strength

More Dakka: Each extra shot scatter ½ Artillery dice from the first hit without any modification for ballistic skill Follow the arrow on the hit symbol. If you roll A “HIT” followed by a “JAM” it will result in stickbomb goes wild as above as the Auto fire lobba is hard to control

Short Long To hit short To hit LongStrDamSave mod Ammo roll Special

Frag 6-1 24 - -1 3 1 - 6+ Blast 2”

Krak 6-1 24 - -1 6 1d6 - 6+

Gubbinz (taken from Miniwargaming.net and modified)

Gun mount (cost: 2)

A gun mount lets the vehicle purchase another “Gun” not “Big gun” one can be fitted in each arc of vehicle and allows on of the passengers to use the Gun during the shooting phase. If the gun mount is destroyed the last Mob member using it falls of the vehicle on A roll of 4+ if he is onboard

Slasha platform (Cost 4)

One slasha platform can be fitted on each side arc of the Vehicle. If the vehicle can side swipe or rake A foot model one passenger may resolve a close combat against that model if you win the WS roll-of you only ever do 1 hit if you loose you have missed . The opponent is allowed to dodge with A initiative test to avoid the attack. If the slasha platform is destroyed the Mob member that last used the falls of on A roll of 4+
Saw that the Lobba Stats didnt come over correctly so here they are again

Short Long To hit short To hit Long Str Dam Save mod Ammo roll Special
Frag 6-12 24 - -1 3 1 - 6+ Blast 2”
Krak 6-12 24 - -1 6 1d6 - 6+
Second try -_- here are the stats for the Lobba

ammo typeShort LongTo hit shortTo hit LongStrenghtDamageSave modAmmoSpecial
Frag6-1224--131-6+Blast 2"
Nice to see the stuff online for people to enjoy, perhaps get some extra opinions.

I helped brainstorm this and be a second opinion. I can say there's fun stuff in this.
If the initative test is succesfull roll on the table below adding +1 for each theef over the first used to persuade the “Kommittee”.

What do you roll? Is it intended to be 2d6, since the table goes up to 12 or more? Or, since it starts at 1, is it 1d6 and an awful lot of extra teef needed for the higher results?
You roll 1d6 + 1 for each extra teef over the first you pay them so you need to play them more to get higher results if you you just pay them 1 teef you only get 1d6 roll on the table if you pay them 2 teef you get 1d6+1 on the table and so on
If you do want to 'publish' these (even just in the vault) then I would specify that it's a d6 roll.
You are correct that the text isnt clear on that i have updated my document so its clear its a D6 roll +1 for each extra teef over the first. Thanks for the heads up :) do tell if you see anyting else that is unclear

FAQ 1: Do you roll 2d6 on hte Grot Workshop table
Answer: No you roll 1d6 +1 for each teef over the first you used to bribe the Kommitee so if you pay 1 teef you roll 1d6 if you pay 2 teef you roll 1d6+1 and so on

This will be altered in the document before its added to the vault when im able to do that
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