Horus Heresy - Iron Hands - Project Thread


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Apr 7, 2018
Hello guys,

before HH 2.0 hits the shelves I wanted to assemble and paint a squad for my future Iron Hands force. Therefore I looked into my pile of shame and discovered a box of IH Tactical marines. After raiding the Catachan, SM & Chaos bitz boxes of mine I was lucky enough to collect ten flamers. Oh and I also used up all my remaining beakie helmets and avoided Aquila chest plates in order to get the Heresy vibe going.

Link to album:

Paint scheme (Armour):
1. Basecoat Chaos Black
2. Boltgun Metal (liquid coat)
3. Purple Ink (Wash)
4. Boltgun Metal (Drybrush)
5. Green Ink (less intense wash)
6. Boltgun Metal (Drybrush)
7. Agrax Earthshade (Wash)
8. Stormhost Silver (Drybrush)
9. Nuln Oil (Careful Wash)
10. Stormhost Silver (Drybrush)
11. Mat Varnish (from spray can)

Paint scheme (Eye lenses & OSL):
1. Skull White
2. Regal Blue
3. Drakenhof Nightshade
4. Enchanted Blue
5. Lothern Blue

1. Red Oxide Paste (let dry over night)
2. Mournfang Brown (Drybrush)
3. Squig Orange (Drybrush)
4. Technical Stormshield (apply to all parts where pigments should stick later on)
5. Mix of following pigments (Brown Iron Oxide, Natural Iron Oxide, Dark Red Ochre, Dark Yellow Ochre & Rust). All pigments were applied roughly in equal parts to the mix with the exception of Natural Iron Oxide which was used less.
6. Wasteland Tufts (should have applied them in step 1 of base decoration).
7. Skulls and left arm bones from the Khemri Skeleton sprue.
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Apr 7, 2018
My Horus Heresy order arrived a while back but before I begin assembling these new minis I need to remove my remaining 40K SM pile of shame. Luckily it is not a lot of models to paint. This Techmarine has been finished in June:

Tomorrow I will post pics of the finished Vanguard Assault squad which was also finished in June.