N18 [HoS] Delaque Gang

Malevolent Pink Cat

Gang Champion
Jan 10, 2019
Grateful for thoughts on the below Delaque gang.

I've got twenty credits to play with (and 10 bodies, including two juves), so room for changes / reduction in bodies to accommodate changes.

Nacht-Ghul taking Shivver Sword is a conscious choice - yes, Serpent's Fangs seem objectively better, and more than worth the extra 20 credits, but the Shivver Sword looks cool.

Keen to have a melta gun plus long rifle(s), but beyond that fairly flexible. I'm struggling a bit to see what Delaque's shtick is at the ganger / below level.
I would make your flechette pistol, overcosted but cool idea and look, ghost a specialist and give him the melta instead. You get a free specialist at creation you might as well use it as you might not get another. Your Master of Shadows can either take the pistol or get something else and upgrade later.

"The shivver sword looks cool." Bit of a understatement. It's maybe the coolest looking weapons in the necromunda base range. 😁 Try running a pair of Naght ghuls with thier swords popping up behind enemy lines mid battle and watch them wreak havoc.
Your general ghosts are support for your heavy hitters. Go in expecting them to pin someone and that's it. Anything else is a bonus.
I disagree with the advice above re: the meltagun, thats going to be a priority target so having that on a multi-wound model with good armour is the right choice here.

I do agree that you should include the free specialist in your lineup, even if they don't start with a special weapon, you could swap the flechette pistol for a second long rifle if you wanted to give them something cheap but non-standard.
2x pistols on juves is a trap. The -1 from twin guns blazing takes them to a 6 to hit targets in the open. Which is a statistically lower chance for at least one shot to hit than just firing a single pistol. Take that extra auto pistol and give it to your nacht ghul for an extra pistol attack in close combat.

As far as gangers go for Delaque they play the role of your "pawn" pieces. I wouldn't expect much of of them initially. Your leader and champions are going to do most of the heavy lifting.

As other have pointed out make sure you take a specialist. Even if you aren't going to give them a special weapon right away (though you should probably give them a special weapon right away).

I personally like the flavor of psychoteric whispers and I will usually try to include models that use them. That said most people find them lack luster.
Thanks guys, this is very helpful.

I'll drop the flechette pistol and replace with a second long rifle - have a set of ad mech rangers I plan of pillaging for parts for the long rifles anyway, so would be good to include 2 in initial list.

Is free specialist at gang creation still just a common house rule, or did it actually make it into the official rules at some point?

I plan to keep meltagun on leader - he is inevitably going to be a target anyway, and I'd rather have an expensive weapon on a relatively more protected model - plus, I'm not a fan of leaders who aren't geared up for the fight in necromunda - they're the boss, so of course theyll have the best stuff!

Psychoteric whispers is cool, and I'd like to run a gang in future which uses them, but if / when I do that I think Id go all in on it (worms, harnesses and all), and I simply don't have the points left over to do that here.

Pistol on nacht ghul probably a good idea, although my thinking on the juve was that they could just use one pistol for shooting, but use the second for CC.