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We have a sneak preview of the main feature character for January, House Bharteth's own Pit Fighting Ogryn; the Gardener.

Not only will he be the biggest model in our line up to date, but he also comes with a host of options including; two sets of legs, four heads, eight arms and optional clip on armour and shoulder mounted flamer!

February's character has lined up really well with GW's sneak announcement of the Ashe Wastes!

This is the wandering Marshal, Myles 'Little'. This release is a collaberation between ourselves and Myles David of Little Legend painting Studios who owns the artwork being used as concept for the model. The promotional pose of the model on foot might be familiar to a few of you who have the old school metal models.

The model comes as both a mounted and on foot version with 8 arm/weapon options, 3 head variant and a handful of add on bits including a floating servo-skull. The horse is modeled without the rider so can be used separately for other things if you were wanting.

This coming release is the first of our new expanded release setup thanks to our combined supporters from Patreon and Tribes breaking the 200 mark. In addition to our feature character, there will now also be a Beast release and a Lore NPC (for this release it is the rider, future releases it will be different model to the feature). This is still in addition to the Scenario NPC which supporters vote on each month, plus any additional models which are released through cross promotions!

Thank you all for your support and hopefully we can expand the release lineup even more in the near future!

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