Necromunda House Cawdor Ridgerunner vehicle


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Jan 12, 2015
Hi! New to these forums (and pretty new to the current edition), but I'm having a lot of fun building Ash Wastes vehicles and mounts for all the gangs on my desk at the moment...

I thought I'd share some current work in progress, as I build a Ridgerunner to give my Cawdor gang a bit more speed on the table - and, most importantly, access to something that can start off with gas promethium engines to really help spread the good word about the Redemption 🔥

Let's see if I can figure out how to upload images here...

Leave something alone for five minutes in the Ash Wastes and you'll get scavengers crawling all over it...

I wanted to make sure the rear transport bed could actually hold a 25mm base, so I've moved the thin diamond-tread plate over to the right (hiding the horrible mess my clippers left behind), and replaced it with a much thicker piece left over from a Rockgrinder. That now leaves room for a model to comfortably fit on there, as this one's going to be used mainly as a fast transport to get close to objectives and drop off a blunderpole ganger.

Gibbet and stone eagle statue both come from the Chaplain Grimaldus kit, which has a lot of great Grimdark pieces on it. I have plans for the actual Chaplain model (a new sergeant for my Kill Team Intercessors), and the servitors will all find new homes as Necromunda hangers-on. Who doesn't want a holy water dispensing servitor in their Cawdor gang? No idea what rules it could represent, but I'll find something...
I like where this is going. I have a walker transporter thing that I redid the bed in diamond plate.
If you're in the states, Hobby Lobby has a few things they carry that are ridiculously cheap and worth stocking up on
Derp, completely forgot where I was going with that! Anyway, you could file down the right some and build up the left so you could have a nice flat bed.
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Thanks! I'm in Australia, so textured plasticard tends to be pretty expensive when any local stores carry it. I've taken to scavenging any interesting textures off other model kits, making sure to use every scrap that gets removed during a conversion :D

Here's the next stage, with the resin wheels glued on. They didn't quite fit the axles from the Ridgerunner, so I filled them with putty and squashed them into place... once the putty cured, I pulled them back off and trimmed off the excess.