N18 House Goliath Starting List


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Aug 10, 2023
Hey guys, new here! Struggling with the last bits of my list, really trying to focus down on my Champs and Leader, I eventually want to put a heavy bolter on my Leader, should I just go down to a 6 man starting roster or keep it at 7? Also any other min/max gene smithing I need to do on my other gingers to equip something decent to my Leader? Struggling to find a firearm for the leader to take advantage of his ballistic skill.

Drop the stimm slug stashes initially, although good picks later on, that will free up credits for more guns.
Your bruisers don't need all that equipment to start either consider giving the stubguns to your bullies. With or without Dum Dum bullets the stubgun is a fine cost effective sidearm.
If you save enough credits get a grenade launcher for your specialist with smoke grenade for it. Even if you just lob smoke around the grenade launcher will quickly earn it's keep.
I would go for numbers initially more toys can come later.
Some thoughts.

Dermal hardening and nerves of steel are strong, however spamming them on every champion is boring. Shooty guys don't need nerves of Steel (its useful on a heavy bolter for the first game or two until you can afford suspensors, then its a wasted skill).

Something more original (and fun!) would be taking Unborn on your Leader, and giving him either Savant or Shooting access. Munitioneer for example would make that heavy bolter more reliable.

Generally speaking, you don't want backup melee weapons at gang creation, especially not with an expensive gang like Goliath. Your leader is a good example of this, with that Heavy Bolter hes going to be in the backline firing every turn, why spend creds on a power hammer he'll rarely, if ever, use? Better spend that cash initially on a gun somebody will fire every turn, then why you've filled out on bodies and given everyone a good primary weapon, THEN spend money on backups.

Your champion doesn't need dum-dums on his combi-pistol, he should be shooting that plasma pistol, and then if that goes out of ammo he should be hitting people with his chain axe, don't spend points on the weapon you never want to use.

Melee gangers should be bullies, not bruisers because they're cheaper and their poorer BS doesn't matter so much, so you can save some points there as well.
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