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Dec 29, 2017
Is it just me or is it funny that this book references "Exotic Beasts" as "pets"? Noticed it in one of the Articles of Faith, affecting "Brutes (including Spawn), pets, critters, or enemy fighters with mutations.". Also interesting that Spawn is semi-classified as (or at least grouped with) Brute here.

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Nov 15, 2017
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Nice comparison image :)
Apr 10, 2018
Not sure I've seen anyone mention that both champion level fighters get a special ability: Firebrands can re-roll one Act of Faith attempt per battle, Redemptionist Deacons can (again once per battle) double their attacks characteristic on the charge but take -1 to hit.

Redemptionist Juves also fill a similar slot to Prospects from other houses- pricier than a Juve, but with better equipment (for Cawdor) and WS 4+.

From a first scan I quite like how the gang structure stuff has turned out, and there seem to be reasons to take any fighter type for certain builds.


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Sep 15, 2012
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I was talking to my bro about an idea I had for altering the xp system, where a fighters xp would equate to a number of dice to roll amd the advancements number would be a target number to achieve with the dice, a success meaning an advance is gained. It’s essentially the same system as this articles of Faith thing. Hmmm… might have to write this stuff down 🤔😂
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Dec 29, 2017
Since House of Faith I out, this thread should be renamed and a new one made for Shadows.

I picked up the book, it really get be excited to play Necromunda in a month or 2!
I agree, was surprised at the new combined design, but people are different and internet moves in strange ways I suppose.
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Aug 2, 2018
So, I finally got trough the 4 Paths of Faith and as some already mentioned, the path of the Doomed looks like the most fun if you want to play a true Swarm gang.
- Path of the Faithful seems the most 'optimistic' (extra Faith dice rolls for each Leader/Champs on the table) with some nice anti-Pitch Black/Smoke mitigation and anti-psycher acts.
- Path of the Fanatic seems more geared toward melee gang comp (extra Faith dice rolls for being engaged with enemies) and additional free Move/Charge actions at the cost of gaining flesh wounds or debuffs to hit.
- Path of the Doomed is for players with a Kamikaze-swarm attitude (they generate Faith dice on 4+ if the leader is injured or OoA or if they failed the bottle check) and their acts can bring extra gang members into play (over the scenario limit), let their members blow themselves up, become unkillable until their next activation (and then automatically go OoA) and then make the enemy gang count the Cawdor losses as their own when taking Bottle checks (you're literally drowning them in the blood of your fallen to make them break :D )
- Path of the Redeemer seems for an 'elite melee focused' gang comp (gain extra Faith dice rolls for enemies Injured or OoA during that round) and the acts either buff your melee output or deprives the enemy of their own actions.
- Custom path? - this is an interesting option if you have a specific narrative idea for your own path or you just want to cherry-pick your 4 favorite Acts of faith from all 4 paths (but you don't get the 4 paths bonuses for generating extra Faith dice); for example I am be tempted to use this to make a custom list of Acts appropriate to my Dark mechanicus themed Cawdor gang (the Path of the Servitor?)

Overall, I am pleased the Devs came up with a way to make the 'swarm of cheap grunts' work in spite of the crew size limits of varied scenarios (you can always get +1 Ganger and +D3 Juves, regardless of your chosen path; Doomed path can bring to the table their entire gang if given enough time/Faith dice) - granted not sure yet, if it is a balanced or broken mechanic (since you could end up with 20+ fighters in a scenario limited to 6 fighters for the other side, but that is kind of hilarious in itself) - I'm kinda glad I prepared 10 bare-bone Juves (only armed with Stub guns/Reclaimed Autopistols), so now I could easily field that 20 men Cawdor swarm gang and actually bring them all to the table:)

Edit: added a couple ideas for custom Paths:
Custom Path of the Martyr (or Kamikaze): We're taking you down with us! :)

1. Doomed Act 02: Blow yourself up (5’’ Blast at S3, Ap-, D1) on 5+
2. Doomed Act 05: Enemy counts Cawdor losses as theirs for Bottle on 11+
3. Redeemer Act 01: Enemy attacking this fighter in CC must pass a Will check or suffer Flesh wound on 5+
4. Redeemer Act 06: If this fighter dies before his next activation one enemy within 6’’ suffers Str 5, Ap-1, D2 hit on 7+

Custom Path of the Denier (or Naysayer): Just say NOPE! :)

1. Faithful Act 01: 6’’ Aura immune to Psychers on 4+
2. Faithful Act 02: Fighter can ignore Smoke and Pitch darkness on 3+
3. Fanatic Act 06: In response to a Coup-de-grace fighter can attack back first on 5+
4. Doomed Act 04: 6’’ Aura Untargetable to Ranged attacks further than 3’’ away (and can’t shoot themselves) on 5+

Edit 02: reduced the custom Paths to 4 acts.
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