N17 House rule: custom combi weapons

Discussion in 'Rules, Mechanics & Skills' started by Draco, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Draco

    Draco Gang Champion

    Ok, for our local campaign, we have a house rule allowing any basic weapon to be "combined" with any other weapon.

    Pistols may be combined with each other as well, but both weapons must start with the pistol trait.

    Ie grenade launcher/bolter is possible, but meltagun/grenade launcher is not. Plasma weapons so combined lose their high power mode for fluff reasons and balance.

    The combi weapon is considered the most restrictive category for wielding purposes, and adds both weapon costs by default. The combi trait and ammo check rule applies to both sides of the new weapon.

    While autogun/grenade launcher and bolter/grenade launcher are popular, Plasma/shotgun is also a thing for one goliath gang.

    Does anyone here see any excessively "beardy" combi weapons that need shut down?
  2. pr01e

    pr01e Ganger

    I wonder if you guys are modifying the base ammo check values for the weapons?
    One of the drawbacks of combi-weapons is that each side holds less ammo than what you'd hold having carried two separate weapons and may not be as quick/easy to reload. You mentioned the ammo check rule (and maybe that is enough), but I specifically refer to the ammo roll to reload the weapon, maybe add +1 to the ammo stat for each of the weapons when combined for certain combos

    example of this is the bolt/needler, though the stub/plasma maintains the same ammo stats
  3. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    The "worst of 2 dice" rule associated with the Combi trait is already harsh enough in my opinion.
    I don't see too much potential for abuse with this House rule since you are keeping the costs for each indivual weapon. The only thing you gain this way is a weapon slot, at the cost of reliability.

    For consistency reasons, I would limit each sub-weapon to 1 ammo type though (you can't load the combi plasma/stubber with dum dums), lose the Plentiful trait, and reduce the price a little to compensate (the combi plasma/stubber is too expensive for what it does).

    What about Heavy weapons? I could see a problem when combining a weapon with Unwiedly to a Basic weapon.
  4. pr01e

    pr01e Ganger

    Yea.. you are probably right. I mention the ammo stat primarily as a way to curb some of the more abusive combinations if there were any identified :) although I guess like you mentioned you're already giving up a lot just to get that extra weapon slot
  5. Draco

    Draco Gang Champion

    The primary problem with heavy weapons going combi was that they haven't been published as yet. We also found the idea of autogun/heavy stubber "beardy" at best, so said no until all 6 gangs are published.

    We have allowed multiple ammo types, particularly because of grenade launchers and shotguns.

    Grenade launchers however were house ruled to ammo sold separately. That's the only balance change there.
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  6. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Champion

    Is it possible that the costs for grenade launchers and combi-plasma/stubbers are flip-flopped in Gang War? 55 credits is what the combi should cost by the logic expressed here, and 65 is a bit more reasonable for the best ranged weapon Goliath can buy.
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