N18 House rules extravaganza, bye bye Dominion campaign!!!!!!

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  1. TopsyKretts

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    There are great contributions here, I would be happy with most of them replacing any official GW campaign elements we got so far. Some of it are quite experimental and I want something "safe" to begin with. I consider the original Necromunda campaign something safe to fall back to. That's why I want to mainly use those as replacements:

    • Income Tax
    • Underdog XP bonus
    • XP system
    • Territories
    Now, I find some parts of the new Dominion campaign system interesting. Possibility to have more expensive fighters, weapons and equipment. So I reduced the income tax slightly. And some of the new territories look interesting, so I kept a several of those. And to support the possibility to have horde gangs, Income Tax can be tweaked to have gang rating as an alternative to gang size.
  2. TopsyKretts

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    There was 20% bloat price to pay for old heavies, only to gain access to special weapons and heavy weapons. And you lost a lot of cheap XP advancements, because heavies start on 60+D6 XP. Champions now got way better stats. I'm not sure how much more expensive they should be, but definitly much more than their current price, because they are a bargain compared to normal gangers. If only successful/rich gangs can afford more than 2 champs, that's going to make a power gap yes. But it will also significantly increase bloat, so underdogs will gain a lot of XP which should help them develop to similar strengths.
  3. Jacob Dryearth

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    I'm 4 battles into my first Dominion campaign, and most of my income is from scenerio rewards. I have yet to earn a territoy besides my starting settlement that generates income. 1d6x10 is my standard income. Despite that, I have the highest rating and 2nd highest wealth in the campaign. You can indeed do well with good luck and careful tactics. Just sayin'
  4. Spenetrator

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    I feel like the rep system from turf war is a neat solution - It is a nice 'makes sense in universe' rule. To attract the best fighters, you have to have a decent rep.
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  5. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    So Rep limit on champs instead of double recruit cost? +1 champ per 10 rep? What about if lose all the rep, you lose champs too? It could be interesting to use this, but it would severly limit the amount of champs available. It takes a looong time to gain rep, as we often lose rep too.
  6. Whiysper

    Whiysper Ganger

    I'd stick to the N17 rule - +1 Champ/10 rep, and you can't recruit more if you drop below the threshold. Your champs don't wander off, but you can't add any more until you get back up there. Potentially an ongoing rep penalty if you're over that cap - if and only if you want that to make it take longer for people to climb back out of the hole.
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  7. Alobar

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    I'm not a fan of the Turd Wars rep/champs ratio - 10 rep is a lot and can take 5+ games for an average gang to accumulate. The distribution of rep is inequal and will just provide imbalance via another route.

    In my current campaign featuring 15 players, only 5 have amassed more than 10 rep after several weeks of playing - most have played 5+ games.
    Many gangs have got 3 or more champs, 1 has 4 and another has 5.

    Perhaps it's worth working backwards - at what point do you want to see gangs getting more than 2 champs? After they've played x number of games? After they've won x number of games? Or lost x number of games?

    Final thought - what is it about champs people don't like? Why do you want to limit them so much? Or is it ore about balancing gangs so that they all have the same number of champs? If champs were limited we'd be seeing the richer/successful gangs spending their cash elsewhere and pulling ahead in much the same way. Brutes, pets, hangers-on, ambots, carapace and force fields, etc
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  8. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Champions are good because they add about half as much as a similarly leveled juve/ganger does to gang rating. I am reluctant to change the value of advances in my campaigns, because it would require players to manually overwrite the number each time they advance. It's too prone to human error.

    Why limit champions? Because they are very good for keeping rating low comparatively as stated above. If advance values are retooled there is no need to limit champs in my opinion, unless more post-battle actions are added to the game that create snowballing winners like Work Turf did. I don't like the idea of recruiting new champions during a campaign. It takes away the thrill of watching fighters develop.

    If I had my way I would; get rid of leaders as they are now, make the champion profile the leader profile, and make champions have ganger profiles with no equipment restrictions and the specialist ability. I would keep all the costs the same. It would reduce power level across the board.

    In my campaigns, I'm using rep to drive the narrative. If a cult has the highest rep guilders may start to take notice.
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  9. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    Champs are turbo cost-effective. Compare to original Necromunda, you could only have max 2 heavies there. Their price was increased 20% with the only benefit being they could use special/heavy weaopns. Their stats were identical to gangers and took twice as much xp to level up. Today, Champions are a bargain, come with the best stats already leveled-up. Any gang who gains and advantage can just continue buying champs and they'll stay on top.

    I'm hesitant to use Turf War's rep limit for champions when people have so mixed opinions about it...
  10. TopsyKretts

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    That's actually very interesting! It would still be difficult for example with the Witch, I think it has worse stats than a Ganger... Hmm I like this very much, but it's also quite a drastic change... and a high price for the new champions with ganger stats. You get special/heavy weapon access and specialist for 100% cost increase? That's more harsh than my initial suggestion.
  11. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Well specialist would normally add 20 to their rating anyways, so that's a chunk of the cost right there.
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  12. Scavvierising

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    Has anyone else been having an issue with everyone who gets injured goes into recovery. I've felt that some games have been let's turn up and bottle as fast as I can because everyone's at home in bed and I just can't compete this game. Either that or fight on and find that next game even though I get all the previously injured gang members back due to going up against it I've got another batch in recovery.
    Of course this I mostly just an issue she one player lost their last game and the other won theirs.
    It does make choosing who to play next an actual decision as opposed to taking on anyone who wants to throwdown.(of course I still throwdown with anyone eve if 5 members are in recovery)
    Changing the injury table so that
    31-36 is a full on strap your boots on recovery
    41-45 go into recovery as normal

    Not world changing but might reduce the difference in level of gangs who go up against each over when player 1 had a resounding success of their last game and player 2 had a bad time of it or even just pushed their luck at a final grab for victory in the last turn during their last game
  13. Ardavion

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    I had that issue in a campaign, made me thoroughly dislike the N17/N18 campaign structure of the sheer amount of missing fighters as each game I had half the number of fighters compared to my enemy, who then mostly demolished my gang.
    Not having recovery at all (and being closer to the older injury table) would be a simpler way of working it.
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  14. enyoss

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    Our current campaign extends the Out Cold category to include 31-36, after experiencing exactly what you describe in previous campaigns. Works perfectly to be honest.
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