N18 House Sub-Plots

Discussion in 'Rules, Mechanics & Skills' started by SumpRat, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. SumpRat

    SumpRat Gang Champion

    This is more a question of implementation rather than mechanics, but i'm curious if it's worth an Arbitrator passing the Sub Plots out to Players who have volunteered to use them during the campaign, prior to their games, rather than requiring both players agreeing to use them?

    So if Gang 1 has decided to play the campaign with them, but Gang 2 hasn't, would that be a massive imbalance later on in the campaign?

    It just seems a little more thematic that one side knows they've an added mission, and the other side doesn't.

    Has anyone had an experience using these in a campaign?
  2. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    We don't have any arbitrator so if we want to use Sub-plots, both players would have to agree. Some of them are quite fatal (+1 hit modifier for the opponent to hit your gang) so we have an option to discard the card instead of using it.

    Sub-plots usually just add a bit of flavor. Some of them are situational or even useless. For example shoot some blasts/templates, not all gangs have this opportunity. Or those who affects juves, few gangs have juves (I haven't seen any).
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  3. Jacob Dryearth

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    I'm passing out subplots to players who write stories about their gang. I try to match the motivations and characterizations in the text, often creating new subplots when nothing from the book matches. Note that the catagory of subplots that just gives you a tactic card are boring, and often so hard to achieve that somone will win before they are completed. Don't use those, or alter rewards.
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  4. almic85

    almic85 Gang Hero

    It won’t imbalance your campaign too much but there are a few options:
    1/ both players have to agree to use them or they don’t get used;
    2/ either player can elect to use them and if done BOTH players must use them; or
    3/ either player can elect to use them and if done only they have to use them.

    Just pick the option that best suits you and your playing group.

    After playing a few games with them there are some that are ok, but most are quickly forgotten about or are just not that easy/useful to complete and will be ignored.
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