N18 Houserules for "classic" feel in N17?


Jul 10, 2014
Never being one to do work if I can mooch it off someone else( :p ), I'm wondering if any consensus has evolved about what houserules to use to tinker with N17 to make it less...well, just a bit less. Classic Necromunda had this lovely hardscrabble punk postapocalypse-meets-western vibe that's really been lost with the new system as its focus moved uphive and I'd like to recapture that - less megaweapons and jumppacks and bionic superhumans, more crusty old shotguns and improvised gear and big impressive guns as rarities and general Underhive-ness - and for some reason it's easier to convince people to play a "supported" game with a metric ton of houserules than it is to convince them to play a "dead" game that does everything we want out of the box.


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Oct 31, 2013
May not feel too appropriate but maybe try to get hold of the classic gang support PDF when N17 was released.
It had the four gangs not in the box included plus a weapon list of the classic variety for use with each gang.

Now while limited, you could just rule that each gang chooses its guns from that weapon list (probably keep the stat lines for each house). Then any extra is brought from the TP as per usual.

Dismiss all the house books and run the campaign from the ORB/NCE.


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Jun 5, 2016
Missoula, MT
I hadn't seen this before, but I think I prefer this simplified version of Goonhammer's Lost Zone to the full deal. It's got enough suggestions to change the flavor of the game while seeming much easier to implement.

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Dec 29, 2017
Some thoughts I'm working on:
  • Income Tax (absolute must-have)
  • Underdog bonus (XP + Giant Killer)
  • Max 2 champs (and possibly 1 brute) as Goonhammer suggests
  • Revert to single stats/costs for all fighters per class. Thinking about having BS/WS 3+ for leader only, all the rest will have 4+ and juves 5+.
  • Ignore Prospects and Specialist Champions, or merge them into the basic fighters (juves & champs).
  • Each gang should always have 5 territories, no winner-takes-all.
  • Skills would have to be reworked a lot, particularly for balance. A lot of skills need a boost, some skills (Shooting) need to be nerfed.
  • Possibly doubling the cost of all ranged weapons.
  • And my favourite: Make reload a double action (bring back the backup gun!).