LRB How best to make new bulkheads?

Nov 19, 2017
Hey all

OK, so I am at the stage where I've got some of the original Oldcromunda card stock terrain, and I like the way it works. So, obviously I'd like to make some more...

Thing is the plastic bulkheads are ridiculously expensive on places like ebay, and don't seem to be all that plentiful. I've seen some on shapeways, but they're equally as ridiculously expensive at around £8! EACH! Or More!!

So, that leaves me with making my own.

I've considered using the method that MDF terrain makes use, by making "flying buttresses" rather than bulkheads, however I am not sure I like that method.

I've considered casting my own, in resin, but that seems quite an expensive outlay initially and I've never cast anything ever...

I've also considered scratch building my own, so they're like the original bulkheads, using styrene sheet but I'm having trouble working out how to make the channels that run along the top and each side. The best I can come up with is making the channel by using two L shape angle styrene pieces, but that again won't be cheap to do...

Anyone here have any tips on making new bulkheads cheaply, quickly and easily?

Thanks in advance.


Mar 19, 2015
Have you looked into 3d printing? There are some bulkhead models up on thingiverse and printers are increasingly available - maybe you know someone already?
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Nov 19, 2017
I have looked at 3d printing. I don't know anyone who would have their own 3d printer. Like everything "maker" here in the UK it's too expensive, quotes I've seen via google searches for 3d printing companies, are just as expensive as buying off of Shapeways. We don't seem to have maker spaces and/or 3d printers in libraries like guys in the US have, not anywhere in Essex that I can get to at least, that I know of.


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wargames tournament do laser cut ones that are similar (same height so cross compatible), that could be useful.

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