N18 How do Shock and Seismic interact?


Sep 6, 2017
If a weapon has both shock and seismic

Shock states: if a hit roll for a Shock weapon is a natural 6, the wound roll is considered to automatically succeed (no wound roll needs to be made)

Seismic states: if the wound roll for a Seismic weapon is a natural 6, no save roll can be made against that attack

My question is if the hit roll is a 6 and you automatically wound would you still roll the wound dice to see if you get a natural 6 for ignoring armour? Or would you just skip the wound roll. Based on the wording (I know gw is not precise with the rules) you could take it either way.

Wat do you all think?
Its not clear how "roll a 6" effect interacts with auto-success. For example there is a peril of the underhive in book or peril which causes automatic hits with a shock trait, if memory serves me right.
I'd go with Topsy take on it, roll a d6 to see if the 6 effect triggers or not.
yeah, since they put in brackets (no wound roll needs to be made) to me that suggests you could still roll the wound to check for things like seismic or rending. it doesn't talk about skipping the wound roll, and there are rules that tell you to skip sections of rolling to hit etc (eg template weapons). I wanted to check in case someone had found a concrete answer.

thanks for the help