N18 How does the Las Cutter work?

Oan Mkoll

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Aug 30, 2023
The las cutter is a versatile melee weapon and has the scarce trait in addition. There is no ranged profile for it, and it has also not the sidearm trait, but an Ammo check of 6+. How does it actually work? Considering no shoot attack will made there is also no firepower dice required to be rolled. So, how can it go out of ammo?
Nobody knows how it works. Not even GW. The last I remember of discussion on topic of close combat weapons with ammo stat is that you roll per hit. As far as I can see this applies to 3 weapons: Digi laser, Las cutter and Xenos Death-arc.

It has been discussed for over 5 years:

Notably the ammo stat was removed in N20 HoC:
But I think it has reverted to the original 6+ in later publications.
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Ok, thanks. It seems to be the best to discuss it with your opponent before the game starts.