N18 How to assign stash, chaos cult, midcampaign


Aug 24, 2021
So I have a chaos cult doing fairly well, having only lost one game, and has some sweet loot from the campaign layer, in a custom campaign we're playing in Bristol https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/change_control_team.340528/

In the stash I have some sweet toys, many from campaign events but I'm having analysis paralysis in how to assign them and would welcome any thoughts, effectiveness is a factor, but so is fun, and lore appropriateness.

Fighting Knife
Hand Flamer70
Hex'iron Blade25
Mesh Armor15
Power Sword50
Reclaimed Autogun10
Second Best15
Sword (mastercrafted)20?

Further data.

Badzone rules aren't being used, so yes the rad counter is not so rad, but may come in handy on the campaign layer.

The witch has the biomancy powers Cause Pain (hurts wounded/flowshwounded enemies) and Stop bleeding (heals fleshwounds) so I often let a few gangers starve so she has something to do round 1.

Worshipping Tzeentch to make important shots more likely work.

Kage is impressively useful game after game and is my favourite ganger.

We use a custom XP system, details can be provided, but not sure they'd affect things much.

Pictures for attention.

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