N18 How to build my neoteks


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Nov 22, 2021
I have a box of archeotek/neoteks coming and I'm not sure how to build the hoverboard guys. I was thinking
1 with 2x plasma pistol
1 with plasma pistol/shield
2 with double las pistols

My current gang has leader with plasma, champ with plasma, champ with 2 plasma pistols. I also plan on using an ambot, ammo jack and rogue doc as I expand my roster.


May 29, 2017
It takes some fiddling but the 2handed rifle arms fit on the Neoteks, the pistol mounts are also compatible with all van saar weapons. I recommend lasgun on one of them
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May 25, 2018
Ebley, Stroud, England, UK
one thing I would point out is the weapons/wargear is only on a juve fighter. i.e. your worst BS, 1 wound and is likely to run away if you bottle. I like to run my neoteks ad one of 3 options:

1. lasgun, armour (+undersuit). i.e. keep them cheap, and they act as a source of mobile firepower (upgrade with hotshot and/or las projector (then they hit fighters in the open on a 2+ at S4, AP-1 within 18" which they can get to easily with the hoverboards, or end up great pinning platforms).
2. 2x laspistols, armour & photon flash grenades. great close range disruption options here.
3. hand flamer, armour. run up and flame them (optional backup laspistol)

generally not worth putting plasma pistols or shields on them.

one other sneaky upgrade is aim for the agility skill "sprint" where possible -they end up going 21" movement per turn if needed...
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