N18 How to play 'Stun Rounds'?

Apr 12, 2018
Brisbane QLD, Australia
Hello all! Well here I go again. What is the best way to play 'stun rounds' on enforcer 'subjugator pattern grenade launchers'.

The HoC lists them as "Rapid Fire (1)" for a regular grenade launcher AND assault grenade launchers (HOC, p.148). They also have a range of 18". This has not been changed in any FAQ.
The BoJ lists them (incorrectly labelled as "stun grenades") with no "rapid fire" and the same profile as a stun grenade with a 24" range (BoJ, p.100). This was later FAQd and in the current 2022 FAQ document where the labelling replaced with "stun rounds" and "grenade" is removed but no mention of "rapid fire" being added to the profile and no mention of range changing (NEC_FAQs_April_22, p.19).

I cannot find stun rounds in any other book. This suggest 2 possible answers:

1) The HoC has the correct entry for stun rounds having a Range of 18" and are "Rapid Fire (1)", this being the only place the profile was every correctly printed.
2) The Subjugator Pattern Grenade Launcher is intended to fire a different version of a stun round that is NOT "Rapid Fire (1)" but does have superior Range of 24".

I'm not sure what to do here. I feel like the right thing to do by my players is to play RAW (Answer 2 above). I suspect however that the HoC profile is the intended profile for this ammo type. It's not exactly a powerful weapon only having S2 but the -1AP is nice if it does wound. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Jan 16, 2022
sometimes the same weapons seem to have different profiles for different gangs , we usually play to the profile for our own house books.