N18 I Created an AI for playing Necromunda/Skirmish Games Solo. The Abominable Intelligence! CC Needed.


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Jun 3, 2021
Hello scummers!

Skirmish games are fun, but COVID and general laziness are powerful opponents. I've played board/skirmish games before that include some type of solo mode used with behavior tables. This is an attempt to create this kind of solo gameplay experience for Necromunda, as a full-on game mode, or a stop-gap for folks stuck at home.

Disclaimer: This product is 100% untested, and may prove hazardous to your hivers! I'm looking for any/all constructive questions, comments, and feedback. Please try 'er out and let me know how it goes!

This is my first attempt to publish rules, so I know there are most likely mistakes and balance issues, but I intend to keep working on it. Thanks in advance for your honesty and insight.