Necromunda I need help with weapons on a custom mount


New Member
Aug 19, 2023

I would like to add the Esher Cutter as custom equipment, but I have difficulties to have its weapon profiles on the card.

I have tried creating 3 Esher Cutter custom gear (as Mount), one for each weapon option, with their total price. It allows me to add it to the equipment of my fighters and that's great. But it doesn't have the weapon profile on the fighter's card. I could add the weapon for free for the Leader and Champions, but it still adds to the value of the fighter and it doesn't seem possible for Prospects (who don't have access to these weapons). Adding them through the Trading Post would remove the credits and still add value to the fighter.

I thought about creating the Esher Cutter with its base cost and then create custom weapons with the appropriate price to add on the fighter. Now the problem I have is that I didn't find how to make the twin-linked grenade launchers properly. I only manage to copy one grenade profile at a time.

Is there a better way to do it? Did I miss a way to add weapons to a mount or to make a custom Grenade Launcher with both frag & krak grenades?

Have a nice day!