Iandanger's Hive Project

Whew, it has been a few months without an update, mostly because I spent the month of October painting daemon engines. I had an insanely good trip to the game store a few weeks back, there was a flea market where everyone was selling old stuff, I got a ton of vehicles for bare bones prices, plus some metal lesser daemons and some inquisition metal models. I then a few days later stumbled upon 20 arbites in a display case at the local comic shop. They went to me for $120, and he threw in 2 genestealer hybrids with laspistols. Now I'm heavily considering picking up a few more genestealer cult minis and working on some conversions, as that gang definitely appeals to me, i just originally planned to do all conversions.

Anyhow no pics but if I start on the cult I'll start updating again. Also might build a table to put my city on, I'll definitely document that.
One thing I forgot to mention: I bought a Revel 1:32 scale tanker truck. The size is a bit big but having set it up against my mad max cars I think it will work out nicely. It will primarily be terrain to help break up LoS on my city board, but I plan on using it in some 40K missions as well as possibly necromunda.


Anyhow, unlike the cars where I could easily slap scrap onto them, I need to plan this project a bit more. As I'm primarily inspired by the War Rig from Fury Road, my instinct is to stick with the design basics from that vehicle. The downside of that is the War Rig incorporated parts of 3 cars on top of it to provide defensive positions for the crew. That means 3 more kits, and a bunch more money, but it gets me the most authentic version.


The other option is to use corrugated plasticard to build defensive positions lined with barbed wire.

I'm honestly torn. Might even start with one car to finish the cab then make up my mind on the tanker.
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haha, that looks remarkably similar the the truck I picked up recently for a similar project!

I would look to create the corrugated card defenses if possible, ideally magnetizing them on, that way at a later date if you wanted to you could pick up a car kit or two and sub them around to give your truck more options (esp if different add ons have different weapons on them...)
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Well, it turned out the brief distraction of my mad max truck was just the break in my concentration needed to spur some necromunda wackiness:

I give you, the start of the genestealer cult!


Brood Progenitor, Magos, purestrain


My hybrids!


The one with the devourer was an experiment, and I kinda like it, but the others are just standard brood brothers
Huh, I believe I have that exact truck in black and only the tractor unit. The positions of the holes for aux lights etc on the cab roof look very reminiscent, and thanks for the reminder of manufacturer - I bought the thing in a model shop that closed down over ten years ago and it then sat on my uncomplete project pile.

Looks to me like it'd be worth adding heavy, and I mean HEAVY, Zandri Dust drybrushing (or if you've got the older paints, Bubonic Brown is even better) over the top of the rust tones you've got on your vehicles there, starting heaviest over the vehicle's front end and working backwards - that gets a pretty good 'wasteland grime' effect much like the colours on many of the Mad Max II/Thunderdome/Fury Road cars - the lighter yellowish areas on the undersides of the War Rig there being a stellar example. A light dusting of bone over the top of that helps really bring it out. It's also a really fast way to get a good-looking end result. I use it straight over the top of a black basecoat with just any details I fancy picking out (and strategic rust patches) dealt with first, the overall effect of that combo is as close to the condition of the V8 Interceptor in II as I've ever figured how to readily paint.
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Loving the cult appearance! very fitting... lots of talk about trucks, requisition orders, supplies etc... then BAM! cult hits and the locals don't know which way is up anymore! :p
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Thanks for the painting advice Doghead, there's definitely a lot of painting to do on the cars, but as they're currently mostly serving as terrain, I've been putting it off haha. The ones I actually got a little further on have been in a display case at the game store ever since race day, but eventually I'll get them back and setup my table with a proper amount of vehicular terrain. That reminds me, I nabbed a shipping container from Reaper Bones the other day for like 8 bucks! I need 3 more at least (they also sell dumpsters, weapons lockers, and phone booths), so when I get around to those expect me to switch back to working on the table. Particularly I want to build the crane I started so many months ago. I also need to fix my Mantic landing pad. My cat stepped on it and most of the clips broke. Not popped out, no, broke in half. Have I mentioned that I really am not a fan of Mantic's terrain?
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Had a pleasant surprise last night, my 30's era Chrysler kit arrived and today I managed to kit bash it into the truck. Still a LOT of work to do on just the cab of this thing! I need to get the trailer assembled too so I can see about how to fit the trailer to the hitch, the new cab is a good bit longer:



Next steps:
Add exhaust pipes, armor plating, a defensive point on top of the cab with a turret, sculpt an exposed engine block up front, and build/convert a dozer blade.

And of course spikes, spikes, more spikes, and some skulls.
Hey, my first update in like a month...and its not anything I've shown off before!

It is no secret that I’ve been interested in the Mechanicus for a long time. I originally intended my inquisitorial retinue to be a means to build a skitarii force, which is why my Inquisitor has a conversion beamer and servitors in her retinue. It would have stood to reason that a next step for me would be to build actual Mechanicus allies for my Inquisition…and that was the plan. Ever since the IA 13 book came out, though, I’ve found myself on an alternate track, wanting a Dark Mechanicus force. IA 13 itself allows you to run a Heretek Magos, and then there's always the option to use the 2 mechanicus codexes to represent them. As a result, I picked up the 2 bundle boxes GW put out for the holidays. In them came 20 of the Skiitari Vanguard/Rangers, 10 Ruststalker/Infiltrators, and 1 each of the Ironstrider/Dragoon and the Onager Dunecrawler, 6 Kataphrons, and a box of the Kastelan

This was a horde of goodies, but I would be remiss if I didn't use conversion and trickery to seriously bulk out the army. I'll catalogue each of the conversions as I come to them, suffice to say I've only just started on this procces!


Defiler Ironstrider I:

When I purchased the Skiitari bundle, I immediately bought a pack of 4 defiler legs and one of the turrets from a defiler (I had one) and started poking around with them to get a similar scaled biped walker to the Ironstrider. I then made them riders and servitors. I've done some greenstuff work but I have a lot more to do here (I ran out of GS over the weekend, you'll see why soon)




Defiler Ironstrider II:




GW Ironstrider:

With the original Ironstrider, I found myself trying to make a few small tweaks without going overboard. The model itself is sort of robotic and menacing and the servitor is as dark a creation as I could imagine. I have work to do building this a little more but its fairly far along.





Upon completing my fleet of 3 Ironstriders I found myself wondering what to do with the Dragoon bits. I also knew I'd like to potentially try running them in the outflanking formation...which lead to this insanity. I had hacked apart two different Defilers to make Soul Grinders last month, so I had a bunch of defiler lasher tendrils. A pair each actually worked really well as legs for a Dragoon, and I had a spare CSM bike body lying around anyway so I incorporated that. The end result was so pleasing to me that I went on eBay and bought 3 CSM Bike Bodies, 2 Defiler Lashers, and a pair of Dragoon lances. With those 3 additional bodies I'll build 2 Dragoons and an Ironstrider, giving me the ability to run a unit of 3 dragoons and 2 units of 2 Ironstriders with the formation.






Mini Soulgrinder:

When I got the Onager out, I knew I wanted to do separate conversions around each half of the vehicle. For the legs, inspired by my recent soul grinder projects, I decided to make a mini soulgrinder. I used the upper body of a Khorgorath along with some Helbrute parts I picked up on ebay because they were cheap and I was already doing a bits order. I've magnetized it so I can use other armaments as necessary.







With the other half of the Onager I decided to use some more spare Defiler lashers and Forgefiend legs as a base. Since I didn't have a good point of connection I made a frame out of plasticard, then built up around it with greenstuff tubes (thanks to the GSI Tentacle Maker for the awesome results). I then made some armor out of plasticard. Now I need to figure out how to detail the lower body (I'm thinking of adding some chains, daemon flesh, etc. I'll explore it more when i have more GS)











Freak Tank:

For my final Onager (hard to pass up the invul boosting), I was kind of out on my own. Unlike with the Defiler-Ironstriders, I didn't have a plan for a central focus of the model, so I sat down and brainstormed something I've wanted to do for a long time: an amniotic tank walker. For this model I went ahead and got some sentinel legs, now all that stands in my way is a good water effect. Any suggestions on that front would be appreciated.














Group Shot:

This is a group shot of the various engines, minus the freak tank, some in early stages:


Dark Skiitari:





Do you use one of those tools to get your greenstuff cables / tentacles? The 2 piece ribbed ones?
Yup, the Greenstuff Industries Tentacle Creator has been something I've needed for a long time so I finally picked it up. I have a zombie dragon I want to make into a Heldrake, which is the original reason I needed one, but it makes this project a lot easier.

I am going to add a lot of cables and hoses to what I've already done.
Those beasts are amazing! serious amounts of creative talents right there!
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I'm baaaaaack!

I've mostly been painting daemons, but I've had a few spurts of creativity strike me lately.

First, I got started on another of my Mad Max cars, this one a classic truck:



I still have rivets to add, plus I want to add some stowage (once I buy more greenstuff) and some sand bags and spare weapons in the back.

Next up, we have the trailer for my war rig. Still very WIP, I need to add razor blades to the sides like the one from fury road, add a second emplacement to the front of the trailer, add weapons (I'm going to make a few of the bomb tipped spears) along with spikes, trophies, and anything else I can come up with...



Next up: terrain progress.

Where last we left my table I still needed to learn soldering basics, run lights, and get my crane built.

I haven't been able to get to any of that, but I realized I was missing a step, I need to get the buildings done or close to done before adding lights. So, I embarked on a mission to get the buildings past their previous "sprayed with primer of various colors" phase.


I also got some of the terrain I bought painted:


Finally, I got the cab of the war rig a lot further along, I feel better using it as a crawler now that I've replaced the wheels with treads:



Well, that's all for now. I'm scheming on making some Goliath gangers because I have about 30 spare blood reavers from AoS.
Utterly awesome! Praps include some of those demons in these wip pics, you know, just for scale? :p