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Crag-pattern walkers, armed with volley-style grenade launchers.

Driven by hired Guild of Coin operators, the Crag walker is usually an open-topped vehicle designed for a single occupant and used for scouting /salvage missions by many Ash Wastes factions. These two examples have been upgraded with crudely welded-on extra armor, nitro boosters, and a grenade launcher to make a versatile, if still light, combat vehicle.
Just got this for my birthday.

Anyone done an ash wastes conversion with one of these? I've never been a scale modeler, so this will be a new adventure in building, but I'm also looking for any conversion ideas or other vehicle kits that might work as well (getting excited about Ash Wastes stuff!).
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True- I'm looking at some GSC stuff as well (already have a Goliath), but figured a cheap, 20 buck historical model would be decent to try out. Scale looks about right, and it will just be a medium Guild of Coin transport w/maybe a scratchbuilt turret in place of the passenger seat and very little other conversion work other than up-armoring the cabin. I've got some leftover Taurox parts that I may be able to use for that.
Not that I'm suggesting it but... I don't recall ever seeing a flatbed half-track Taurox. Might be an interesting (albeit expensive) kitbash. A "cheap, 20 buck historical model" is likely the better (or at least wiser) option. ;)
League Week 4

A week of draws. Both missions were rolled up and got the same Ash Wastes board and mission (Fuel Hunt). I'll put pics in later, but they weren't very good pics even with my low standards. Prior to the game we had our mid-campaign rest "week" and got 250 credits. That, plus the extra I had got from week 3 allowed me to grab a shotgun/stiletto knife hunter (probably fodder like the autogunner) and a grenade-launcher armed walker from the Guild of Coin (extra armor/nitro burner). That will hopefully help out with my penchant for rolling up the Ash Wastes as my mission board (2 are Ash Wastes, 2 are Sector, 1 is Zone Mortalis).

First mission was against a custom Outcasts gang. He had a walker as well, though armed with an autocannon rather than a grenade launcher, which made me somewhat nervous. There were seven fuel containers for this match. First round nothing much happened aside from my Infiltrator Niks getting to a fuel cache and finding it empty and the enemy doing the same (though theirs blew up but caused no damage). My walker stalled out, so he was also pretty useless for the first round, but luckily the enemy walker wound up missing his first shot and no damage occurred on either side. The next round was much the same, with every fighter moving to get into position near a fuel cache and the walkers not doing anything in regards to damage. Third round, two containers were found on each side (meaning the game was over at the end of the round) and the enemy walker fired at Interrogator Slyss. Slyss, who had his Cool advanced in between last week and this mission due to his constant failing of checks, also failed his Nerves of Steel check and wound up pinned. That was the extent of the damage from the mission- one fighter pinned. It was pretty funny because both of us were worried about the other's walker, but neither walker did any damage and the rest of the fighters were just maneuvering around to get fuel caches.





Second mission was similar, but much more of a fight. The Inquisition was fighting against the Chaos Water cult, seeking to get revenge from the earlier ambush and killing of Markos' first body. Again, Fuel Hunt was the mission but this time 9 caches were rolled for. The cult had a Ridgerunner with a mining laser, so a nasty little vehicle I didn't want close to my walker (or fighters really). Both sides had infiltrators, but the cult had massive advantage with 4 infiltrating fighters in their Leader and three Champions. Niks got a good spot, but then was unable to come up with a fuel cache as again he rolled up empty (which means of three caches he has infiltrated to, he has blown himself up once and failed another two times- probably not going to go for it again). The cult's Leader had a long rifle, and was able to start sniping at the Inquisition while they pushed up. First round saw Niks getting pinned by an infiltrating heavy stubber Champion and the Inquisition's walker then seriously wounding that Champion in return, while the cult's Ridgerunner was out of range to shoot at Markos. Second round, multiple caches were claimed (two each), while Little Sister picked off an enemy Champion with her shotgun and Ferris (autogunner) went OoA due to the cult Leader's long rifle (Head Wound) and Niks got taken out with a Wytch's autopistol (Convalesence). Syvara managed to take a mining laser to the face, but only took three flesh wounds, hanging on with one T and surprising everyone. Third round, the Inquisition's walker nails the Ridgerunner with a krak grenade, dismounting the mining laser, and then Markos put a rapid fire plasma burst into it, hitting and wounding it three times, Wrecking it and making the cult decide to flee at the end of the round. The rest of the round was pretty anemic, each side pinning but not really doing any damage to the enemy. End result was the Inquisition has one fighter in Recovery (Ferris) while the cult had a captured Champion actually escape, another fighter Out Cold, and a vehicle with a Damage Frame.



100 credits and 6 rep make for a decent week for the Inquisition. Syvara managed to Advance again, getting a Toughness boost, and Little Sister now moves faster. I was debating about giving Markos a T boost, but decided against it and he now has Nerves of Steel to hopefully make his Overwatch skill even more annoying for opponents. Three more weeks to go, and right now I think the Inquisition has the lead in Rep at 15, but they've got a long way to go in terms of deadliness and cash...
Working on some Ash Wastes vehicles this month- Goliath, custom Medium vehicle, and the two previously shown walkers. Should have them all painted up by Halloween.


Goliath has an advanced sensor/vox, as it was originally a model designed for a Dark Heresy campaign I'm playing in. For Necromunda, I'm guessing it will represent any number of enhancements like advanced reactors, anti-gravity drive, or even a strange version of a mining laser or seismic cannon weapon.



A Mule from Mantic Games Deadzone, and a pretty easy kit to build even without instructions. Only real change I did was put an extra autocannon barrel on to the mounted gun, as it was rather short. The Mule is smaller than the Goliath in all dimensions, so should work well for a Medium vehicle.
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Holy crap, tape!!!!!!
Cannot believe I never thought of using tape... and with different tape you can achieve all kinds of textures!
Also, I got a set of the MULEs to use as vehicles for my Van Saar (before they could all get exosuits and hoverboards). I think they fit the styling pretty well with minimal mods but they're still chunky enough to be 40k.
Due to a scheduling conflict (my wife's a teacher and had parent-teach conferences so I had to watch our Chaos spawn), I missed last week's league game. Luckily, it was apparent the week for bad schedules and so did a few others. So the final mission of this little campaign was played this week, a multi-gang Bug Hunt with a single fighter each. Just like the Pit Fight, I chose Niks, as he had leveled up the best out of all of the cell and it was quite poetic to have him in the first and last mission.

The mission was pretty fun- 8 champions going after an upgraded Ambull. Niks decided that the other participants were more worrisome and/or heretics, so he went after them. First he managed to take down the Enforcer captain (echoing his takedown of the Enforcer in the pit fight) and then took out an Outcast sniper/mining laser operator. Meanwhile, the Ambull took out a Chaos cult member, got shot twice by a Van Saar's multi-melta, and then ate an Ogryn. After a little more fighting among the hunters, the Ambull was taken out by the Van Saar (with a plasma grenade after his melta failed an ammo check), and it was down to three hunters- the Van Saar, a Goliath, and Niks, just like the ending of the pit fight. Unlike that ending though, a couple of tossed grenades by the Van Saar took out both Niks and the Goliath, meaning that again the rad-wasted gang won.

A very good start to my Necromunda journey! The Inquisition cell did very well, tying for most Rep gained with the Chaos cultists and overall doing pretty well. The group will have another, more proper campaign coming up in Jan, and I'm looking forward to it. Right now I think I may run a scrappy and fanatical Cawdor gang, but we'll have to see.





Yeah, our Arbitrator painted him and it was a very nice model to fight against.

Niks is pretty tough, but he didn't take a multi-melta to the face (that was the Ambull), just a mining laser... Which brought him down to T2 from 5, but also made him fall off a walkway, no damage, which then allowed him to get closer to the mining laser operator without getting shot more.
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Working up the last two members of my Orlock gang- the Old Guard. I'll try to get up some full picks later. Its down to these guys or my Cawdor for my next campaign in Jan, which I think will either be Ash Wastes or a full-fledged Dominion campaign.

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Just got this for my birthday.

Anyone done an ash wastes conversion with one of these? I've never been a scale modeler, so this will be a new adventure in building, but I'm also looking for any conversion ideas or other vehicle kits that might work as well (getting excited about Ash Wastes stuff!).
I find stuff like this works really well when combined with a GW kit to bring it into the grim dark universe.
I combined tracks with a taurox a few years back https://yaktribe.games/community/media/albums/the-copperheads.326/
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And you can't go wrong with a few sheets of plastic diamond plate. With that and a few Rhino parts I was able to make a DUST walker fit right in.
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