Ikka's junkyard

Necromunda league trophy statue finished.




Finally got all of my Necrons from Imperium mag finished, plus a random Guild Ball mini that I'll use as a Necromunda Guilder or Rogue Doc.






Also start my new Necro league- fun first game, Cawdor are interesting to play. Lots of bodies to clog up the board and the Path of the Doomed Articles of Faith are really amusing.
BT stuff painted

9 Heavy Tracked APCs from various manufacturers (ie- got 6 from a 3d printer and 3 converted from Dark Ages minis), 4 Heavy Hover APCs (that can also be Pegasus hovertanks if I switch out the cockpits with missile pods), 3 Darter Scout cars, 2 Battle Armor, 2 Field Guns, a Van Luckner tank, and a Demolisher tank. Then the last of my IS Xmas haul, Heavy and Assault Mechs.



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More BT finished up- some Rotunda Scout Vehicles (dune buggies and a humvee), another tracked transport, some Battle Armor, and some SRM infantry. Light was pretty poor, apologies for the pic.

It seems like you very best stuff is either Necromunda or BattleTech.
Also, those barrels.. hell yeah!
Well, I'm pretty much done with my mainline 40k armies (Knights, SM, Necrons, Inquisition), so for me right now BT and Necromunda is really filling the hobby hole. I've been off and on collecting Necro stuff for years, as I've loved the models but never had anyone to play with and only painted rando models to add to my Inquisition stormtrooper army as various Imperial weirdos. Now that I do, its fun to finish off some of the backlog and get ideas on what to do in the future. Though next month will be back to 40k, as my gaming buddy needs my help to get his IG army painted up before a tournament. So 18 Bullgryns coming soon...
I’m going to a mass guard event called the doom of Thanatos on the 1st of June, I’ve only got 5 ogryn, that block of 12 looks monstrous and would look epic smashing traitor guard off of one of the objectives. Not going to happen this year but def need to get more done for next year
I've fought the full 18, plus 60 horses, several times now. Bullgryns are just hell to chew through; the -1 damage, plus a 4+ invuln and 6+ FNP on T6, 3W models makes 3 bricks of unhappiness. I run Knights, so my Armiger Helverins and Knight Paladin have good 3 damage weapons, but those just rattle off the Bullgryns.

Makes me almost wish I didn't paint them for my buddy! :LOL:
So, funny enough I went 0-5 in the tournament, while my buddy went 2-3. Yet, I consistently stomp him in our practice games, to the tune of me winning 90%. Every tournament though, he beats my record. Le sigh...the Emperor was not with the Imperial Knights this weekend, or really ever.
Finished off some Orlocks, a couple of Hired Guns, and a D&D fighter/Dire Troll.






That's almost all my Orlocks finished, just have six more to go. Looking forward to working on the new Van Saar gang I got, as well as finishing up some other stuff including some Battletech reinforcements (Karnov transports and Demolisher II tanks), but I'm happy that I got as much done as I did this month. Also, managed to snag a box of Robotech RPG Tactics Regult Battlepods to use as a Periphery bandit force for Battletech- pretty cool models, if bigger than they should be. Instead of Light/Medium size, they are going to be count-as Ostsol Heavy Mechs.



“Ostsol?” Those are Zentradi war pods.
Yup- the Robotech/Macross Mecha were liscensed by FASA in the 80s for Battletech and the Ost-series of Mechs (Ostscout, Ostroc, Ostsol, Ostwar) were based off of the Zentraedi Tactical or Regult Battlepods, with the Marauder Mech being base off of the Officer or Glaug Battlepod. Then the whole Harmony Gold debacle happened, which meant that the original artwork for a bunch of BT Mechs was considered improperly licensed, resulting in the Unseen and later Reseen, after HG lost its lawsuits.