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Mar 6, 2018
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Imagine my game table

I open this thread to collect my ideas and remember them. The inspirational pics as templates are not my work, but that's how I roughly imagine my hopefully playable diorama-like game table for Necromunda Underhive. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Sketch for game table.

On the left table side do you see empty areas for terrain pieces with their own bases and a pond with toxic waste water. On the right side are more set-up areas. In addition, a deep street canyon with a transport tunnel entrance and a staircase to the top and much cables and tubes. Later, a partially destroyed road on pillars will run over the entire table. The destroyed parts of the elevated highway form little islands on pillars as platforms and some could connected with walkways and ladders. One of the road islands should be fortified and inhabited and have a lift as inspired from the movie "Johnny Mnemonic".

The street on the right should be about 20 cm wide at the bottom, every visible gradation and walkway 5 cm wide and the walls at the sides of the street canyon have a total height of 30 cm. In addition there are a lot of buildings with 1 to 3 floors and above all the elevated highway. - Where I am a little bit unsure is with the playability and how I should pay attention, so that no side has too great an advantage.

Among other things, I still lack 2 plates from chipboard with 1200x600x10 mm, or maybe 4 modules with 60 cm x 60 cm, as a substructure. Styrodur boards are then glued to the substructure. Besides, I am still planning and do not know yet how to realize and connect all my ideas on the table. For example, I would like to have an own piece for each house gang as HQ and hiding place. My previous collection of ideas (which I can never realize all):

1. "Ash Gate 77" with customs station (House Orlock)

It is planned to use Styrodur, foamboard, cardboard with textured sheets and plastic profiles, stairs from 4Ground, Sector Mechanicus parts, Bits
and probably Killzone Sector Fronteris as customs building and guard house.

2. "Crazy Earl's Shack" and junkyard (?Grub Targeson?)

In front of a mountain cliff made of Styrodur, a little hut from cardboard with a junkyard surrounded by a fence. The junkyard will made from Mekboy Workshop and other pieces and bits. The plot should have two entrances and exits, as well as a secret escape route.​

3. "Hunter's Glory" (Bar and Office of the Bounty Hunter's)

An elevated and indoor playable building with fully interior and removable roof which can only reached by a staircase. A model construction project from foamboard, plastic sheets, plastic or cardboard tubes, textured plastic sheets, plastic H-, T- and L-profiles. Balsa wood, cardboard and some purchased resin kits and other scenery parts and bits for furniture and interior decoration.​

4. Gang-specific terrain on base from MDF:

- Machine temple and workshop (Van Saar) - probably from Sector Imperialis Sanctum or Manufactorum and and other parts. Some Shattered Dominion Bits would be tempted, but my funds are always very limited
- Precinct bastion (Necromunda / Palanite Enforcer) - maybe trying Imperial Bastion with Shrine of Aquila Front and Foamboard, such as some older Imperial Sector Parts and Bits.
- Bar/Table-Dance-Club with Chemfaktor Fellowship Rooms (Escher) - building with two floors from foamboard, cardboard and bits. Furniture may have been bent out of wire according to an idea from Yaktribe Forum.
- Sector Mechanicus Blast Furnace and/or Battle Pit (Goliath) - Sector Mechanicus kits with silo's. If I build a battle pit, then of foamboard and cardboard for structure.
- Old monastery or church ruin (Cawdor) - I prepare very old GW gothic terrain, Sanctum Imperialis and may Imperial Sector too. All togehter and mixed with walls from foamboard or plasticard on a styrodur base. In the building there should be a cellar vault with hidden exit.
- Underground Espionage Center (Delaque) - I reserved Starship Scenery as interior, but otherwise currently no idea.
- Booby-trapped warren (Venators) - I'm not sure what that will look like. The idea is a confusing labyrinth with hidden entrances and exits, corrugated sheet shacks, junk housing, secret escape routes and many booby-traps and trap-doors reminiscent of a bee hive as living place for hive scum and hired guns. Optional cell for captives (Rescue Mission).

5. General terrain pieces and specials for scenarios:

- Abandoned House​
- District Hab Block​
- Derelict Manufactorum​
- Shanty Tower with Slum-Doc​
- Trading post with warehouse​
- Ventilation tunnels and ducts​
- Derelict elevated highway parts​
- Booby-trapped warren​
- Old cargo bay with landing platform (N17 Scenario p. 54/55)​
- Fortified container settlement (container bridge door)​
- Construction crane with hanging container (as turn-bridge)​
- The Great Wall Modul (Partially buried under a crashed hive top)​
- Ash Waste Modul (like The Wall as possible later modular extension)​

6. Optional conversions:

Snack junk = maybe as conversion from Drukhari Raider; think of movie "The 5th Element" and Yaktribe's Hive Guys Franchise​
Fungus headgear = as seen in WD from Sector Mechanicus with Shardwrack Spines.​

7. Optional homemade terrain pieces:

- Algae farm = 2-3 mm plastic tube with green liquid wound on a rack built from plastic profiles​
- Fungus grotto = Cave or abandoned mine from styrodur with rubble​
- Mushroom farm = Balsa shelves with sacks (Fimo?) from which mushrooms grow (Narco-Lords?).​
- Mucus farm = With round CD-/DVD packaging or end caps from the hardware store or sanitary trade. (Corpse-Guild?)​
- Water distillation = Something similar to a water tower with an empty can as a water tank, with heat source and condensation surface. (Water-Guild?)​
- Archeotech Device = GSW textured plasticard sheet with plastic parts and bits​
- Malfunctioning Generatorium = Halved chewing gum packaging as starting point, foamboard, console (KT RT or starship scenery) and bits​
- Prometheum Cache = TTCombat Fuel Cache as a starting point, more barrels from GW and second tank from toy car.​
- Waste Compactor = Maybe a disused paper shredder or small crankshafts comes into question? Otherwise I could build it with plastic tube and foamboard or styrodur.

- Mountain with mine shafts, collabsed areas and mine cars for Ash Waste = Carve out of Styrodur / Styropor, balsa and cardboard modelling, some bought resin mine scenery and tools.

- Brewhouse Bash = Usual DIY materials (There are rules and plans for "Kneip'nkeilarei" (German WD31) and in English "Brewhouse Bash". "Kneip'nkeilarei" (= Kneipenschlägerei) means a brawl in a pub and it would be nice to have a suitable building with interior and a double function as Necromunda building and 3D playing field).​

Some may wonder why I deal so much with terrain and a more diorama-like table. My inspiration comes mainly from the rules books, movies and Yaktribe but as a hobbyist I am coming originally from the model railway and their layouts. As child gauge HO 1:87 and as an adult gauge Z 1:220. So I also want some lights with LED's and tealights with button cells. I also wish some functional models, such as the toy crane (turn, up and down), an entrance with portcullis (open or closed) and an elevator (up and down). For the elevator I have already thought briefly about Lego but I do not know yet what I would need for it. Also priced would probably recommend another solution. I'm missing some Necromunda Forgeworld and still busy with buying and collecting material. For example textured sheets, plastic profiles, decoration and scenery. In addition, I just see through this list, that I have enough GW terrain boxes, because I want to make a lot more DIY than I had thought.

These are as announced my beautiful daydreams, ideas and plans, but I will probably never be able to realize all of them for obvious reasons. Eyes, hands, health, money, space, storage room, patience and time. Especially time because everything you buy, tinkers and build, also wants to be painted. And new products often bring new ideas and wishes with them too. Necromunda is a very nice hobby and I love to deal with it in different ways. Good luck ;-)
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Brendan Flynn

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Nov 25, 2016
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This project is very similar to one I am working on. My board is built on a eight by six board around a central spina that is a huge crashed ore carrier. Running around this is a racing track with territories built over and around it. There will be around thirty territories when it's done

It will take years to construct but that's okay as I have another board in my mancave to actually play on whilst this is being constructed. Why do we take on these mammoth task I wonder? Personally, it's the sheer joy of seeing it slowly develop into a useable gaming space of epic proportions. Once its al done I hope to gather a number of players and create a long running campaign using the Necromunda live rules made famous by yaktribe.

The concept is that the entire complex is owned by a crime lord who organises and films races once a week, which are beamed uphive for the entertainment of the middle hivers. This uses the yaktribe Necromunda vehicles rules and allows the players a change of pace from duking it out over territory to blasting each other whilst racing around the track.

Anyway good luck with your project sundown dreamer.

Brendan aka the ferro derro.
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Dec 22, 2015
That is some intense table you are planning! Can't wait to watch it come together. You appear to have plenty planning done, start glueing stuff together!

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Mar 6, 2018
Tübingen, Deutschland
The question is, how do I make the substructure? On the one hand, it should be as light as possible, but also stable enough for transport and gameplay.
I think I risk it and use only Styrodur plates at the beginning. Together with other parts of 8 and 4 cm it should strong enough. What I need to get started:

2 x Styrodur 125x60 with 2 cm thickness as a substructure

1 x Styrodur/Jackodur 125x60x8 cm for the terrain around quay walls
1 x Styrodur/Jackodur 125x60x4 cm for different heights

Here is my first attempt with an instant mold making material:

Not perfect in everything, but I am satisfied with the impression. I need five of them as quay walls,
but unfortunately broke the first mold.

Old Necromunda Bulkheads ca. 7,2 cm h
New Necromunda Bulkheads ca. 6,2 cm h

Old Imperial Sector: ca. 7,8 cm h
Sector Imperialis: ca. 12,1 cm h
Sector Mechanicus: ca. 12,1 cm h

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I am not an authority on terrain building (there are plenty of Yaks who are though!) but I wouldn't trust styrodur to have the structural strength required to carry boards made of it around (especially if they have added weight attached.) At the very minimum, I would base them on hardboard or 3mm MDF.

I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with - your ideas sound fantastic (especially the street canyon.)


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Dec 8, 2017
I am a strong advocate of plastic and looking up styrodur, it would be poorly suited to a large construction without a strong skeleton. You might be able to run steel or brass rod through it but that is going to cause wear of it's own. You might consider some kind of foamcore or MDF like sump says.

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Mar 6, 2018
Tübingen, Deutschland
sump dweller and calnex1, thank you for your valuable hints.

The problem of the substructure has been bothering me for quite some time. I was thinking about MDF, chipboard, plywood and how thick which plate should be.
But you are right. MDF boards with 1200x600x3 mm under the Styrodur and if it bends too much together, with wooden strips as a strut I had already considered.
Yes, that should work and be stable and light enough. (y)

Today I was already in the construction trade and wanted to buy the Styrodur plates, but the open plates were all triggered at the edges and very scratched and whole packages were too much plates and too expensive. But for the MDF boards I have to go to another hardware store anyway. There is also Styrodur there and I hope to do it again this week.

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Mar 6, 2018
Tübingen, Deutschland
Today I am suffering from a shortage of air and therefore did not have much time and leisure. I could only assemble Kal Jericho & Scabbs. Kal's head, left arm and saber, as well as Scabb's plasma weapon are temporarily attached only with Tesa patafix.

Kal Jericho & Scabbs

Both were good to build, but after the clean ambots I found an unexpected amount to deburr and also have gaps that I have to work on before painting.

As plastic glue I use "Contacta Professional mini" from Revell. He has a metal tip, which can be normally precisely metered.
However, it happens sometimes that too much glue comes out, or something comes out in an unexpected place.

What are you doing in such cases?

Deleted member 10658

What are you doing in such cases?
Swearing profusely, and cleaning it up with a paper towel is usually my approach to such situations (always keep a paper towel handy when gluing, so you don't have to search for it while the glue is melting your model.)

There is always the option of using something like Tamiya extra thin glue, which is very thin and comes with a brush applicator for precise control.