N18 Income in Outlander campaign


Aug 18, 2013
I've read and re-read the Outlander campaign rules, and from what I see, the only way to generate income between battles is by winning or completing certain scenario objectives, and there are no territories from which you can collect income? This would mean that if you lose, you get nothing most of the time (unless you have fixers in your gang or get some credit from your tactic cards), which would be very punishing in my opinion. Am I missing something?
As written, that is correct. Most campaigns are meant to be short and brutal.

Our group is toying with combining the settlement rules for our home bases with a limited number of territories like that might be no-mans land at the beginning and challenged for somewhat like the Underhive video game does.

If no one shows up to contest it, you get it, otherwise you fight for it.
Yeah, brutal is great and all, but you need to have the mindset to accept it. Such strong positive feedback loops make it is very disheartening to continue to play, when you lose a battle, and have 0 income, so cannot recover/ visit the doc/ replenish/ repair or ever buy bionics. This campaign will indeed spiral into domination of 1 winning gang very quickly I think, with the other seeking salvation in Underdog Tactics..
Totally agree. We usually make sure each gang has a bit of consistent income regardless of the battle outcomes.
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It is what I think is the fundamental flaw of Necromunda campaigns. It is more or less in the blueprint and affects all campaign variants in various degrees.