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Aug 16, 2015
Vista, CA, USA
Original thread, Inferno Spyrer. After some play testing I found that a faster and less armored Inferno was preferable to a slower and heavily armored one.

Have you ever noticed that flamer sales skyrocket as soon as a Spyrer gang is spotted? I think it is high time that the Spyrers fight fire with fire! (And those opponents that love using flamers on overwatch get a taste of their own medicine...)

Also, I thought that the Spyrers could use a bit of utility/support by having Smoke Grenades (which all Spyrers can see through). The ultimate result ended up being something that I think is a pretty balanced addition that can work together with the other members in new and fun ways.

I use the Eversor Assassin model without the gun arm and thinking about using an eldar or dark eldar arm to replace the right gun arm. There's going to be a sleek grenade launcher mounted on his back/shoulder. The armor is coal black with the joints and parts between armor sections glowing orange. And the head is fiery, of course.

Please let me know what you think!

Every few years, city-wide fires seem to break out in the underhive, driven by some advanced technological devices. The arson sometimes happens for months at a time. All investigations tend to come to a halt at the Upper-Hive gates. One time a gang managed to catch one of these rich teenage pyromaniacs, only to be completely wiped out by some unknown assailants. Veteran gangs have begun to take note of these things, not out of fear for their territories, but instead out of fear of what they know will come next. More specifically, what will come after them.

The Inferno is arguably the most sadistic and terrifying of all the Spyrers. This is evidenced by the fact that most of their victims' can hear the Spyrer's manic laughter even over the sounds of their own screams and melting flesh. This hunter revels in the feeling of being surrounded by flames. The suit is powered by a highly advanced power plant that runs so hot that the suit must constantly vent heat on all its surfaces at a temperature capable of liquefying bullets. Another way heat is vented is through its the Plasma Throwers/Launchers and dual Plasma Katars. Amazingly, Inferno is perfectly insulated from the heat the suit produces.

Inferno Spyrer

: Inferno Spyrers are equipped with wrist-mounted Plasma Katars, two Plasma Throwers, Plasma Launcher.
Boosts: +1 Movement, +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Initiative.

Armour: Inferno Armour has a 5+ armour save.

Inferno Armour:
The armour is extremely flame resistant. Any rolls made for Catching Fire have a -2 modifier, but a 6 always fails.
Heat-Haze - The armour radiates waves of heat such that the Spyrer seems to shift and shimmer, conveying a -1 to be hit by ranged attacks.

Plasma Katars:
During HTH, the armor focuses the wrist mounted plasma vents into long cones of concentrated plasma.
Counts as one weapon.
1 Damage
Cannot be parried.

Plasma Thrower:
The Plasma Thrower functions like a Hand Flamer, except the ammo roll is 2+.

Plasma Launcher:
The Plasma Launcher has a +1 at 1-10 (Close), +0 at 11-20 (Long), with an ammo roll of 2+. It can launch Frag and Smoke grenades.

Standard OCE advance table, with exception result of 7:
  • 1-3 Weapon Skill +1
  • 4-6 Ballistic Skill +1
Available Skills: Agility, Combat, Stealth, Shooting.

Power ups:
  • 1. Combat Neuroware: (+1 to any characteristic).
  • 2. Improved Plasma Generator: The Plasma Katars grant +1 Strength and the Plasma Launchers now functions like a normal Flamer, though still with a 2+ ammo check.
  • 3. Improved Plasma Launcher: The launcher now has the additional option of using Plasma Grenades.
  • 4. Thickened Armour: The suit's armour thickens and hardens increasing its armour saving throw to 4+.
  • 5. Improved Motive Power: The suit's power output for speed is boosted, increasing its Movement bonus by +2.
  • 6. Nova Flare: The armour becomes capable of channeling its heat vents in any direction. All models in base to base contact are hit with a S3 hit at the beginning of each HTH combat phase (after Jump Back).
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