INQ28 Campaign anyone?

Which August weekend can you do?

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just have more people per board; people will group together naturally based on their beliefs and backgrounds - puritans generally hang out with puritans etc
@AliHaley85 suggested everyone take a larger than normal warband and pick just a few dudes for each mission. I initially poo pooed the idea thinking it wouldn't make muce narrative sense, however considering the potential meat-grinder y'all are facing and the likely hood of character death this might be a good idea. Thoughts?
With the detailed injuries and damage carrying over. Being able to drop people who get crippled in the first couple of games will be handy.
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This could play well into the survival horror angle.
A persistent game table on which the groups move independently, or in conjunction, to achieve their aims.
Hello All.

I would like to register my interest if it is not too late.

I’m still mulling over ideas in my head for a group of protagonists to bring along.
Leaning towards either a Ordo Hereticus Sanitation Collective (think the 1st Resident Evil film) or mercenaries/rogue guard in the employ of the ruinous powers. Still thinking about it & the backstory will obviously need fleshing out.

I love the idea of everyone producing their own tiles/corridors for the space hulk. Potentially have some kind of standardised doorway system or room size to make everything fit together? Although that may take away from the randomness of a space hulk.

Also if it’s a space hulk it opens up the idea of non-human enemies also, if that’s a route to be explored.
I seem to be using my commute to re-read a load of background articles, websites and rulebook for this. Now i have about a dozen ideas for various warbands; inquisitor-led, rogue traders, bounty hunters, all sorts of ideas - i should really settle on a single one!

In other news, the new necromunda tileset looks baller, so i'll try and bring as much scenery as possible!
Was just about to ask @prewarsalad how big the tiles for the spacehulk needed to be but he beat it to me with the reply!

12" square should be cool, and the new Necromunda tile sets are that size if anyone wants a pre-made thing to start from.

One question with them, though: do we want specific places for doors on them (for example, two on opposite sides so we have to travel through them) or give them more variety by having multiple exits (ie, on all four sides)?
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I wanted to use them as a set of demon spawned trials to keep everyone away from the Big Bad at the heart of the hulk. As long as they have one entrance and one exit everything is fair game. Room slowly filling with blood? A million tiny spiders? The temptation of Eve? Walls made of hands? A daemon prince's throne room? Go wild. I was thinking everyone could narrate their own room and if wanted even make up special rules to go with it.
Just noticed my name on the opening post, although I will vow to make a couple of demon rooms, I can’t commit to attending until you have a date!
But if I can make it along, then I’ll be rocking a Thorian Inquisitor in search of knowledge and tech! (I’m not just a one trick ponyclone!)
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