INQ28 Campaign anyone?

Which August weekend can you do?

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The new yak comp is quite diverse in it's remit. Yak comp 31 hazardous times can mean anything from a monster to scary location. Could help motivate/inspire the space hulk tiles we're going to build.
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I've moved it over and left a redirect that will last for 10 days in the old area.
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Hey all - is there any progress on this? I have 2 sets of the new necromunda zone mortalis scenery which i can bring for a cool scenario and a mountain of ideas for even more characters!!
Hey folks, just wondering if there's a place for an additional member?

Assuming that the Plague of Unbelief doesnt get in the way.

I'm fairly new to the circuit but I've been building a whole host of stuff during lock down, and i was playing Inq back when it was in glorious 54mm.
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Unfortunately I'm going to have to say I'm out.
The way 2020 has panned out for the world has had a big affect on my hobby.
The likely hood of getting stuff together for this has become, well I just don't see me managing it.
Got one landing pad built and a desperado for the warband but nothing else.
Am looking at the current yak Comp as a way to get the mojo going on building the rest of my warband and a space28quest tile thing built
But it's not going to be done for August.
Good luck on the event if it goes ahead.
Will be up for something like this further in the future.
With the little activity on this thread for a while I'm assuming that I am probably not the only person in this situation.