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Jul 22, 2018
Hello everyone.

I’ve been working on a new version of Inquisimunda for Necromunda 2017 since 2019.

Here is the Book of Innocent -I-
Yeah sorry about that, for the moment it’s in French.
Translation is still in progress. I've been on it for a while, but 2020 was a really shity year for me.

The idea of Inquisimunda-19 is:
- This content and the one to come is fully usable and in accordance with the whole of Necromunda 2017 (rules, gangs of N17, official supplements, update...)
- Make it readable and easy to access (hence the resumption of Necromunda’s “Book” format)

The first “Book” is over. A FAQ has been added and will be included in the next few weeks in book 1.

In this first book Book of Innocent-1 you will find:
- Inquisitorial cells
- Warbands of Rogues Trader
- Additions for the cults of chaos
- A compilation of Wyrd powers
- Allies of all kinds.

Book 1 has been available in French for many months and returns are very good.
If you have any questions about my choices, I would try to answer you as well as possible.

The rest is already being written:

Book of Innocent-2- (which should be finished before 2021):
- Orks pirates
- Aeldaris pirates
- Mechanicus Expeditionary
- Space Rats
- Addition to genestalers cults
- Compagnon (animal, beast...)

Book of Innocent-3-:
- Smugglers
- Noble Houses
- Team of Shock imperial guards
- Ecclesiastical Delegations
- Generic Xenos (Many different profils, for 3 sizes of xenos)

Book of Innocent-4-:
- Campaign arbitrators (some RPG additional rules)
- Interactions in play
- Hostile rules (AI)
- Hostiles profils
- Constructs
- Dangerous territories.

I’m looking for motivated people to help me with translations (in English of course) but also someone to do the layout.
The person who takes care of the layout for the FR version will not arrive to do the duplicate work.

I really hope you will like this content !

Have a nice evening everyone.


Hello Ingvar.
I don't think there are many french speaking members on YT... Thorgor is bilingual and some kind of rules Jedi master but he's probably very busy with the YCE project right now...
I've skimmed through it and really like it, especially given the beautiful presentation, but I'm not strong enough to translate it.

However my immediate suggestion would be that firstborn and primaris have mostly the same stats, as I think when it comes to inq28 space marines are all going to be true scale anyway so it will be harder to differentiate; plus I'm conflicting on the lore difference between the two (possibly the best presentation is in Guy Haley's Avenging Son, however, which does suggest some of the differences better than many sources).
Seems very good so far! (y)
Unfortunately I can't really evaluate the texts until it has been translated :)
I hope you will find the motivation to keep adding and translate to English!
I found some information about it on the French Inq Facebook group run by Forge World/Citadel designer Alexandre Dumillard - might be worth asking there - It could be worth asking there is Alexandre or another member knows if there is an update about @Ingvar's work.

In the rulebook they released, Ingvar mentioned you can also email them at or find them on Facebook - but they haven't been online on the latter in some time, i think.
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