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This forum area is dedicated to the game of Inquisimunda, the crossover fan-created game that is a mix between Necromunda and Inquisitor in the world of WarHammer 40k. I will gradually add more information and links here as I find them and they are provided by the fans of the great game.

Inquisimunda File Vault
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wow! Its bigger than I thought! Its like an encyclopedia! lol

I thought, Inquisimunda was about roleplaying and the story was more important than winning, what's with the points values then?
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No no, thats not the exact :)

I.munda is an in-deep compendium of rules, that allow you to literally play every 40k race in Necromunda sized games. If you see a lot of profile, like beast or astartes space marines, these are not included for story purpose, but can effectively join normal games. As I remember, Imperial guard are helped every game by a single space marine on a roll of 4+, and by a d3 space marines if the roll a 6, and so on... genestealer cult my have genestealer purebreed, chaos cult may summon deamons...

On my first approach I was worried by the book size, but as far as I readed it all, I started to love it <3
Agreed, as I've said somewhere before, I love the idea of being able to start with a "better equipped" gang. The way I would play it then, is start off buying scopes and choke grenades for your initial deployment, afterwards only use the trade list in the Necromunda book (so more choke grenades will have to come up on the rare trade etc.) Like an elite team deploying without reinforcements and having to make due with whats around once they are on site (behind enemy lines). Tho some gangs, Genestealers is one in my opinion, could use some love. The amount of different units you can take in an Inquisition cell is hearthwarming, but then GSC has 4 types tops I believe. Perhaps it's fitting for Genestealers if we evolve that team here on Yak (pun intended).
A couple of questions:

Am i right thinking you cant actually play an inquisitor in the Inquisimunda rules?

Can the Inquisimunda rules be used in a normal game of necromunda?
Inquisition Cells (pag.43) the Interrogator you see as leader of that gang is an (lower rank?) Inquisitor. That's how you can field one.

No. The two systems are not compatible :)
No. The two systems are not compatible :)

Err are you sure you're thinking about the same thing? Inquisimunda, as in the fan-made expansion for Necromunda, repurposing background and ideas from Inquisitor, as in the 54mm-scale game with the horrible ruleset? Because as far as I can see, if played in the sort of 'bridging gap between roleplaying and wargaming' manner Inquisimunda was designed in, gangs from whichever Munda - Necro or Inquisi - can be banged down on the same table and there won't be any big rule-related crisis.

Huge driven-an-Emperor-class-Titan sized fluff incompatabilities and the usual questions around gang rating, yes. But Inquisimunda is essentially a new set of gang lists and trade charts for LRB and there's nothing much stopping the two (and Ash Wastes) playing nicely together.
Yes, but "normal" gangs, included Outlaws ones, are included in Imunda, so whats the purpose of using both? You just create double cost for the same stuff (because points cost are tuned up in Inquisimunda). Also, you will end to have the same weapons with two different profiles. They ARE compatible, as having 95% of the same core rules, but I strongly suggest to not mix them because the expansion is build to work well on his own.
I can think of multiple reasons to argue otherwise.

First and foremost is the amount of material already tried out and given at least a basic veneer of game balance for Necro - most prominently to my mind, Ash Wastes. ][munda's biggest hole from where I sit (Well, apart from scenarios) is the lack of vehicle rules. ][munda's designed to be played with a GM assigning scenarios and lack of vehicle rules is just a friggin huge hole in the GM's toolkit. Plus, in a setup like ][munda, variety is life.

Secondly, ][munda can at this time pretty safely be considered a dead project, and there's enough holes in it - not to put too fine a point on it, scenarios - to flat-out require using additional material. What's the easiest source? Necro.

Thirdly, I'd say that as it exists ][munda's single biggest fault is the same as the single biggest fault in Ash Wastes: lack of interoperability. As I see it, the '][munda is separate from Necro' and 'No Ash Wastes gangs inhive, ever ever' decisions serve mainly as a great big 'do not use' sign. These are faults to be overcome, just like the myriad balance issues in the original game addressed by NCE.

Fourth off, ][munda's 'underworld elements' warband type is different enough to a default Necro gang that I'd call them three different very closely related new gang types - mercenaries, smugglers, and pitfighting suppliers. They're a pretty similar beastie to Necro's house gangs, but not a direct match. One is a street gang, the other's a small organised crime cartel of (specify type).

And last but not least, my usual thought on this sort of matter: is there any reason you'd want them to not work together?

For my part, I'd love to some day see 'community editions' for Ash Wastes and ][munda made fully compatible and reasonably balanced with/against NCE/OCE - and the first step in that direction is for people to start using them together and as a result start getting a handle on what would need to be changed.
As I said, there's too much difference between mechanics from Original rules, Imunda and also Community edition. The last time I talked to someone here in Italy about gang lists, they are messing up weapons rules by mixing for mistake several version readed in different manuals. As you said, Imunda is a work in progress, and will be never finished. I was just answering to xriccix who asked if they are compatible systems, and is still NOT my answer. That Imunda gangs are too overpowered to be played in a normal Necromunda, and profiles costs are calculated on a different point system.
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Think there might be a slight language issue here, around the English-language meaning of compatible.

ORB, LRB and NCE are the three 'systems'. As-is, LRB has three settings: mainline Necromunda, Ash Wastes, and ][munda. Using strict English-language meanings of words, the systems used by the three are not incompatiable - because there is only the one system involved, and that's the rules section of the Necromunda Living Rulebook.

Balanced? Hell no! ][munda probably isn't even balanced with itself; it's very much a WIP and it's self-confessed about its balance issues; that's a big part of why there are so many references to being designed around an arbitrator.

What I suspect you're talking about (not sure though, never played Necromunda within a thousand miles of the place) is people trying to use different rulebook editions within one campaign. If one person brings LRB to the table and another ORB, there is going to be a great deal of fail and derp. Likewise for different versions of NCE.

Balance is a different issue. Look at how Arbites are supposed to be played in mainline Necromunda, 'Arbites don't fight over control of a sludge pit' and all that - that's much closer to how ][munda material could be persuaded to work with a wider Necromunda campaign.

And, hesitate to say never. ][munda is a fan project; for it to get developed further requires fans like us to work on it. I've been messing around with a unified Necro/Outlanders/Ash Wastes/][munda armoury on and off for a couple of months now, based around NCE costing specs; I've got some time off work coming up next week, maybe I'll give it a go kicking what I've got into presentable shape then.
That's the same project I started, before everyone here in my country (and suspecting on all state), quit those kind of games. Then I give up and switched to actually existing game, even if I really don't like them (i.e. I am into Infinity now, but still wishing to play Necro in any of his edition... *sad*).

Btw, I like the Imunda gang list for their variety and flexibility, just that.
Something I've noticed in the =][=munda rules is that Inquisition cells can have a daemonhost, but I can't find any stats for them. How do regular players handle this?
Hi, i converted few guys to launch an inq campaign, but i am looking for scenarios for it with no luck so far. Would someone could be kind enough to send me or upload in the vault some tested scenarios / campaign ?

Thx in advance,