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I had a thought. And please feel free to tell me what you think, but have we considered creating a GM list?

Like a system that allows for the GM to pick and choose things to create a scenario on the fly. Like if you wanted to change up a bit and have the groups going through a large map searching for a specific Idol. You could choose x amount of GM controlled npc's which equals y amount of points which is decided by z amount of total points of factions facing the GM. Most of the npc's would be kinda like cannon fodder with one or two "boss" or "mini bosses" and they would go out of action on a 4+ so that they are a threat but you still need to worry more about the other factions.
Yes, look at what is left over. It was in the 1.3 version, did not have the time to transpose it to 2.0 costing methodology though.
Since everything will probably not be included in v2 with costing issues left, it might be a good idea to include the costing matrix system to the GM stuff, allowing anyone to locally update what they need/want.
Yes but this week end, I will make a few profiles for GM Stuff

Is there some profile that you want more than others ?
Hey fellas, after just re-discovering the progress of this thread, I was wondering if you have a compilation file to browse? I'm still looking at starting an =][=munda campaign with my friends.
As far as scenario's for ][munda how about some of the ones from the original Rogue Trader book? I appreciate it's not the easiest book to get hold of now but it has some really cool ideas for small scale missions. Reprisals, support rebellion, crush rebellion and raids of all sorts are there. If I can find my copy I will have a look to see how many are 'ready to use'.
Rogue Trader was intended to be played with a GM and the scenarios therein are written out as snippets for him to develop scenarios from, in the tradition of roleplaying game 'plot hooks'. Using the first on the list as an example (grabs copy of Rogue Trader,)

'The governor of a farming world has lost most of his crop/herds to a raiding party from a rival Imperial world. The authorities on Earth are not interested in local squabbles or excuses and will replace the governor unless his quotas are met. A counter raid must be mounted to recover the stolen stock.'

That's as much information as any of the 'player motives' in the segment titled 'Plot Generator' contain, and again quoting from the book:

'The charts below have been designed to help the GM invent plots for games and campaigns. These are only starting points of course - and it is up to the GM to let his imagination take over, filling in gaps and inventing extra detail to complete the story. Two or more plotlines can be merged together, the number of possible combinations is thus very large indeed.

Forces have only been referred to in general terms, as it would be pointless to try and cover every permutation of alien type and force size. The GM must adapt the plot specifically to utilise the models available to the players. The points system can be used as a basis for providing fair sides, although any special plot related objectives or problems should be born in mind.'

There's only actually one actually-developed scenario - the fight between some surviving Crimson Fists and Thrugg Bullneck's Orks on Rynn's World - in the book.
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Just about to start some casual Imunda. I was planning to use the Necromunda scenarios; are there are any that don't work or some that work better than others?
Already downloaded and about half way through reading it @Punktaku.
It is awesome, the best miniatures magazine I have ever seen or read, and it’s free! If anyone has an interest in the hobby at all I recommend you go download it immediately. I guarantee it will inspire you.
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Does anyone know how I can get the Thorian source book from Gav Thorpe. Beside references to it and a picture of it‘s cover I can‘t find in digital or physical form anywhere.