Inquismunda in 54mm?


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Why don't you just play Inquisitor - you know, the game that the models were intended for? ;)
Jun 15, 2014
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I have thought of that I just remember them being rule heavy and complex
I agree. Inquisitor was a very nice source of lore in its time but as a game was messy and unnecesary complex, even for the standards of an RPG.

Scalating up or down a game should not be a problem, as long you keep a similar relation between e.g base sizes and movement or ranges. But necro (or Inq 28) was never a very detailed ruleset, so for me playing it in bigger sizes do not gains the sense of carrying a character that a game in 54mm is supposed to transmit. But could and should work, so try it.


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Dec 22, 2015
I'm sure there are plenty companies who make 54mm models you could repurpose.

My main gripe with inquisitor is that the rules were set up in such a way that everyone always got shot in the dick.

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Mar 14, 2017
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As a long time player of Inquisitor I'd have to say that the rules aren't much more complex than most of GW games and most of that extra complexity is to cover the wider variety of actions you can take. Some rules are just clunky and require too much dice rolling (such as full auto firing or the original flamer rules).

As for scenery the game works well with most standard 40k scenery which is usually made oversized to accomodate larger models such as terminators. The plastic cities of death and sector mechanicus terrain works particularly well, the older card necromunda terrain (and similar scaled laser cut stuff) is slightly short for some of the more dynamicly posed models but not enough to really affect things.

Give the game a try the rules and other articles can be found over on the Conclave.
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