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Feb 8, 2013
Tilehurst, U.k.
Thanks for the heads up... heard about that show.. will be checking it out tomorrow night methinks while painting!


Nov 8, 2017
Tamworth, Australia
Thought I'd raid my collection to share some of my inspirational items:

Gungrave- some great themes when it comes to mafia/organised crime warfare and super soldiers. Some of the weapons used are so necromunda, like an RPG/Heavy stubber installed in a sarcophagus.
Virtuosity- Just theme

Sons of Anarchy- Orlocks all the way!

Salute of the Jugger- Bloodbowl/Mad max mashup

I second Desert Punk, My fave cartoon! So much necromunda!

Wonderful Days- Ash wastes/ Underhive/Sludge sea theme cgi Anime

Gangs of New York

Algiers- Old movie, confined living, thieves and gangs sneaking through cramped streets/ neighbours homes

Texnolyze- Theme and underhive vibes for sure, story makes no fucking sense at all. But definitely like living in necromunda.

Twelve Monkeys- Sort of Mechanicus/ Steam sci fi theme with time travel.

Waterworld of Course!!

The Devils Rejects- Splatterfest movie by Rob Zombie, but damn if this movie isnt perfect character inspiration for underhivers.

Cyborg- some of the fight sets and characters in this must be stolen from necromunda.

Gettin' Square- Aussie Heist movie, characters are rough and a little funny. Reminds me to add some sense of humor to my necromunda campaigns and games.

Orca The Killer Whale- Mostly just for suspense ideas (smart fish), and big baddie hunts. Like a smart mans Jaws.

The Purge Election Year- actually not bad, bit of gang, bit of city fight.

Death Race- Prison, gangs, car battles, Jason Statham in a Metal Combat Mask, Mustang with miniguns!

Lockout- Orbital prison in lockdown, excellent underhive inspiration, good tech, funny actor. Some real psychopath crims in this. Very cyberpunk.

pandorum- Really cool sci fi movie. Colony ship in space that has been lost so long some of the crew have evolved into ferals (scavvies) It is excellent, lots of theme and ideas, like insect farms for protein, hunting for cryotanks for food (cannibals), different cultures onboard a colony ship.

Priest- Excellent Outlands or Ash wastes inspiration, Bit of cawdor/redemptionists thrwon in there.


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Oct 22, 2017
Hampshire, UK
Can I second altered carbon, just finished watching the entire season on Netflix and the setting felt very Necromunda in places


Nov 8, 2017
Tamworth, Australia
Another vote for Judge Dredd - both of them, but the new one with Karl Urban (who, frankly, nails King Chin) is best. Also worth watching is Assault on Precinct 13 (the original or the remake, but probably the original is best).

Oh, I am going to look up Desert Punk now! :D
Desert punk is definitely good inspiration! Blend Necromunda with Gorka Morka and a huge dash of cheap Whiskey and low inhibitions. Voila: Desert Punk


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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
last i heard, it was shelved until after his next 4 Avatar films. i was afraid i’d never see it actually made. so so stoked for this.