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Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by Malo, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Gdolkin

    Gdolkin Gang Hero

    So, I may be being dumb, are our photo galleries still here somewhere? Thankyou for all your work to make this place Malo :)
  2. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

    buck up, little camper. it’ll be okay.
  3. Gdolkin

    Gdolkin Gang Hero

    Never mind, found'em :) I was in fact being dumb
  4. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

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  5. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    I can rename it to Gallery if you want. It's a completely different media system.
  6. ntw3001

    ntw3001 Gang Hero

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  7. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

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  8. Blood Donor

    Blood Donor Executive Officer in Charge of the 2014 Bake Sale
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian

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  9. Hendo

    Hendo Juve

    Thanks so much for putting this site together. After 25 years wandering the ash wastes, I decided to get back into a game, looking for a skirmish game or the like that wouldnt take up too much time and money. Found the Hive and said hmm, this smells like home! (PS totally wrong about the time and money thing!)

    Truly impressed with the quality and creativity on the site. All hail Malo for making it possible!
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  10. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Thanks @Hendo and welcome to the 'Tribe! Lots of folks around here to help out with any questions you might have, unless it's something to do with the new Necromunda 'cause we have no f'ing idea what is going on :cautious:
  11. Xavier Bacon

    Xavier Bacon Gang Champion
    Yak Comp 1st Place

    Loving the new site now I'm back. Image uploading and linking is even easier. With demise of Photobucket that's most welcome. Bravo!
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