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Discussion in 'Mordheim' started by Ben_S, Nov 20, 2018.

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    It seems that a few people in my Blood Bowl group might be interested in Mordheim. There's a mixture of people who have played the game before, but not in years (this includes me, though I don't think I've ever played a campaign - probably only 5-10 one off games) and a couple of people who've never even heard of it but are open to giving it a try.

    What's the best way to introduce the game? I'm aware that there are a lot of unofficial rule updates and supplements out there, with things like 'Coreheim' and additional warbands of varying levels of brokenness (*cough*elves*cough*), but I've no personal experience of these things.

    Is it best just to use the original rules and put up with the dominance of sling-spam and dual hand weapons?
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    I honestly suggest saying no more than 25% of the warband can be armed with missile weapons, and add something like a -1 to hit while duel wielding (can always add a skill to negate this if you like under combat), then use the core warbands. If you do that you have a pretty balanced set to choose from and while not perfect, it stops the really obvs abuses (if you need to lower skaven by a couple max size too)
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    I agree with @spafe. Too many missile troops and you just end up hunkered down in cover shooting each other.

    For a first game I’ve always believed good terrain is essential. It makes such a difference. It doesn’t have to be beautifully made, or fantastically painted, just good terrain.

    Mordheim is all about the ruined city, so get some foam board/cardboard, make a few templates and glue it together.
    My first game I made a load of buildings that were all identical, and it took ... 5 years to paint them? But it was having good terrain that made it interesting to play.

    Also, look at Frostgrave. It’s a not to dissimilar system and uses the same sort of terrain.
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    I'm already familiar with Frostgrave - again, not much personal gaming experience, but I have most of the books. Mordheim seems to have more prospects right now though.

    Play will probably be at our usual club, so terrain shouldn't be an issue, even if we may end up using a Zone Mortalis board or something.

    I'm sure I used to know a site that gave a handy overview of the different factions, but I can't find it now. Can anyone recommend something?
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  5. DArquebus

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    Has a comprehensive list of Official, Unoffical, Fan Supplement, etc. They indicate themselves which are better balanced and which may be a crap-shoot.

    Note, I always preferred to run themed Warbands such that the setting dictated the Warband types people could use. But for an intro it can work to allow any (people can more readily find some from existing WHFB army etc). Just note that not all settings are balanced against others. As an example Lustria is balanced but a bit more potent than the ORB stuff :)
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    that's quite the list.
  7. Azzabat

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    That’s really handy @DArquebus. I’ve not played Mordheim for a long time but I’m gonna file that away for future use.
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