IRN-BRU MEET 2020 (Cancelled)


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Oct 30, 2016
Durham, uk
Cancelled due to COVID-19


TBC (Casa Dangerous)

TBA (possibly 4-6)



Code of Conduct:
-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final

TribeMeet T-shirts and Yak Merch:
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A gathering of the most northern of Uk tribesmen ...and possibly a chance to talk with Scottish Shelob!

Nothing solid yet to speak of, but depending on interest, we will be looking for a venue somewhere Aberdeen way!
Last year we had a Spyer Hunter Soirée, and the year before that we had the Albino Stallion WastelandRacing Cup, so it could be absoluely anything games wise, but two certainties are that we will be playing NCE and there will be Pitslaves!

Previous Meets...
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We are in very early discussions at the minute, so no definate time or place yet, but thanks for the early interest fellas!
The previous northern meets have been super private and really great fun, but if we can entice some yaks to make the journey then I will endeavour to find a suitable venue!
As new info comes up I’ll be making update posts, so keep your eyes peeled!
What up homies, since I can't make it to TribeMeet this year I'm up for a Spidercave/BruMeet at some point once this quarantine lark has abated/lessened. I will have studying and exams and stuff going on but I should be able to spare a weekend.

Doesn't have to be waaay up here beyond the wall since us NCE types are very thin on the ground, just more sensible driving distance for me e.g. NE Englandshire.
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Assuming it is just going to be us northern few (and that beardy handsome one Radulykan) and providing you don’t mind travelling Stoof? How about we try to find one of those big lodges somewhere in the Scottish Borders? (Hot tub optional 😉😋 )
I’m thinking around early august (8th/9th possibly?)
We can easily set up two or three tables in one of those, and have maximum privacy, with usually, a beautiful scenic view!
(when I say privacy, it won’t necessarily be from eachother, but it might be fun to play necromunda we it’s the prize being your own room with a double bed!? 😄 )

it will be a complete scaled down mini rip off version of Valhalla in the Fall! Except instead of having a hot gamer girl hosting with all you can eat buffet, you get me and a hotdog! 😄😄
....or as we spoke about earlier, I don’t mind travelling up same as last time!?

To the Spider Cave...
So the Spider Cave is back on!? 🙂

So if we say the beginning of August?

and I have a cunning plan!
@Ardavion , how difficult do you think it would be to splice necro with Last days?
Stoof has the scenery and I have the zombies! I think this will work!
So the Spider Cave is back on!? 🙂

So if we say the beginning of August?

and I have a cunning plan!
@Ardavion , how difficult do you think it would be to splice necro with Last days?
Stoof has the scenery and I have the zombies! I think this will work!
Let me get my books! I shall require more intent for how you would want it spliced, but it is certainly feasible in some form or another! I even have the seasons book for more splicing!
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I only saw the book that time you brought it to the pub, and you were halfway through telling me about seasons when I got dragged away at Mankymeet, so I’m not going to be much of a splicers assistant!
but from what I remember, maybe we can keep the gameplay NCE, but have all the roleplayesk stuff made to fit the necro setting!?

i remember I like how you create the survivor groups and all the stuff about improving your hideout!
and I imagine a game goes a little quicker than necro, so providing we know where we’re going this time, we should be able to have a full campaign over the weekend! (Obviously I’m just romantisising, as Iv never played before)
(....and did I mention I have zombies...😋 )
@radulykan , you have Last Days, don’t you! what do you recon?
And is the beginning of August any good for your schedule? (Prospectively 8th/9th?) (BOYL is on the week before and I’m just say crazy enough to do both, Frostheim the month before,... plus Tribemeet Newark the month after) (....and MankyMeet the month after that!) o_O 😅
just a thought, but you could drive to durham, then leave your car at mine and be chauffeured to Bonny Aberdeenshire!?
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