N18 Ironhead Custom Weapons

Oct 13, 2013
Sorry if this question has already been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find it.
I've spent ages using the customise tools today to create Ironhead Squat Prospectors, unique fighter types, Wisdom of the Ancients skills and Ironhead weapons.
When I go to create a 'Custom' gang the tools allow me to select the correct fighter types and added skills but none of the custom weapons I spent ages creating are available to select from the drop down menu. I have changed my settings to not 'restrict' weapons and now I can pick from every weapon in the universe.....except the custom weapons I created.
Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong??
Scratch that, figured it out. You have to create the 'custom weapon stats' first then create the 'custom equipment' separately then select your stat line from the drop down for the archetype.