N18 Is equipment for Hive Scum free?


Gang Champion
May 29, 2017
"when you have the credits available", they are, 95% of the time, outright worse than just buying a champion or ganger. The over the top of the thing is nice, but it just does not remotely make up for their transient nature. Especially if you're planning for them to have any gear whatsoever.

There's "tradeoff" and then there's paying 60 credits for a ganger with lasgun and mesh except it only sticks around for 1 game, and if you paid 70 instead you'd have him be a permanent addition.
why are you giving him mesh? he's a worthless meatsack that is gone after the game there is no need to give him armour, give him a lasgun and let him have at it when you need an extra body