January '24 FYSC Submissions

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Welcome to the first FYSC submissions thread og 2024! If you've participated before, you know how this works. If you're new to Finish Your Stuff Challenge, an extra special welcome! The most important rule in the submissions thread is, only make one post with pictures of your finished models. This is to avoid clutter and make it easier to set the vote up, and for yakkers to peruse when deciding who to vote for.
The rest of the rules are here, which is also where you can post banter/praise/questions about this and that.

Looking forward to seeing your finished stuff!
11th Hour, my Cult of Malal themed gang’s reinforcements. Plus a chaos beast that’s also aligned with Malal (but is not a Beast of Malal.)

Also finished up my chaos dwarf warband by adding the basing flock.
And I finished a bit of scenery too.
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A hobby sampler of finished models this month (top to bottom left to right):
  1. Ash Wastes vehicle (probably originally intended for my Ork army)
  2. Magos Biologis team with support creatures and two pieces of scatter terrain
  3. Escher Patricium nursing crew including a cyborg death maiden
  4. RoC orcs plus bulldog with supplies and gas mask for Pulp Alley