Join Xcom? A youtube series


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Mar 28, 2014
Southwark, London, SE17
Uh ... okay ... bit of a weird one. Ahem ...

Here goes ...

I'm about to play Xcom2 and have recently started youtubing. Something i thought would be fun, would be to name my soldiers after Yaktribers. Then post a series about how Yaktribe saved the world from the Xeno's (or died trying ...)

It would be for laughs and i'd like it if as many of you could join as possible ... cuz brother, i get through a lot of rookies.

So ... uhm ... post your interest below and write if you mind your character being female or not ...

... cuz ... you know ... they're not all men and i doubt there are many girls in our community ...

... sausage fest that it is. :)
Certainly welcome to use my handle. And I don't mind if you represent me in female form. Wouldn't be the first time a Yak has done such...

Comp entry by @notprop

Might have to change my forum handle to Boner Donor. See those cheeks? I got squats for days. #crossfit #nomakeup #skinnygirlproblems #yolo
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Nice one guys. Big thanks for getting the ball rolling. I'm going to leave it for a week or two so i can get a long roster going. The LAGGNOG-ers are all in too.

Ask anyone you feel might be keen. I'm hoping it'll be fairly comedic and entertaining.
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Was hoping for a few more. Maybe this cheeky bump will help?

LAGGNOG included, i reckon there's about 14 names on the roster at the moment. That's not nearly enough fodder for the xeno's ... maybe I need to make a better OP.

One with ... 'splosions! Lasers! Advent soldiers dying in droves with hilarious rag doll glitches!

Maybe a list of the salary and benefits of joining Xcom. Free healthcare! (You'll need it ...) Decorate your home with grizzly trophies of the other-worldly beings that you've caught and killed!

... As much ammo as you can carry!
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Might be worth starting the series... after seeing the first episode (and the desperate need for bodies.... er I mean recruits! you might generate some more interest...

If that fails I'm sure I can get Mrs Spafe, and Cousin Spafe, and Uncle Spafe, and Mc alistar Mc'Spafe (Spafe's Scottish friend), and Hound Spafe (Spafe's faithful canine companion), not to mention Spafiticus (the legendary Spafe who led the rebellion in Spafe town) to all volunteer down at the recruitment office :p
Yep, 14 names should be more than enough as long as you just name the promising ones (I'm assuming it's like Xcom Enemy Within, you're playing with Not Created Equal switched on, and you're playing Ironman?).

Just don't get them killed Beard :D
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I'm up for takin' a few bullets for the good of humanity.
Sign me up!

I'll leave it up to chance if this universe gives me different genitals, the winds of fate speak in mysterious ways.
Should I die, then I'm sure my extended family would be happy to step in and help stop some bullets coming the way of Malo.
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Loriel makes a great hacker support, let those drones (was they called GREMLINS or do i remember incorrectly) fly and hack many Advent nodes!

I had a really mixed feeling about x-com 2 (technically and in game mechanic sense, like the dark events, balance between different fighters, foundry projects) etc. loved it but the theme compared to original ufo enemy unknown / terror from the deep and x-com enemy unkown / enemy within didn't feel .... I don't know some how it didn't really got me that excited.

I also loved apocalypse and I think that theme would have worked better for X-Com2 (megacorporations owned city protecting it from alien invasion.) But that is my opinion.
Can I join the party? I loved the XCOM/UFO games.
I don't mind my gender but please don't give me a sniper I did't like them and never used them last game.