N17 Jons terrain and miniatures

Jon Reinhardt

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Oct 19, 2016
Hi started playing again around a year ago when N17 came out. Been out of the hobby for many years. And i had lost all my miniatures and terrain. So i had to start over. So i made a quit a lot of stuff this year and this is one of the places i got inspiration so i want to share some of my projects here.

That is an insane amount of detail. Love the lights and the red tower. It's hard to tell from the pics is the board modular? Looks like 3 sections of a 6x4 board stacked up in one image of your gallery.
that's all from about a year of hobbying?!?

grumble grumble grumble

looks good, too!

grumble grumble grumble
No its not all have painted 3 gangs and a few hierd guns as well. Got a new baby so hard to leave the house. So a lot of time for modeling. I have planed to post pictures of the buildings and models later.
The board is 4x4. Divided in two 4x2 tables for easier handling. You can see that at this https://yaktribe.games/community/media/hazard-stripes.22406/.
The board have a sludge river in the middle and tunnels at the side of the board and relatively flat on top.
So the customization you can do is mostly from the buildings and scatter terrain on top. I have also put textures and pain on two N17 boxes and one Armageddon box. So we use them to get more variation at the board. These also helps when we want to have multiple levels.
No its not all have painted 3 gangs and a few hierd guns as well.
It's people like you, who make people like me, feel very bad about our speed of projects....

Stunning dude, like crazy good! the fact you have such detailed core, but still have the ability to change your table around with risers and the buildings is incredible!
We just had a Necroweekend and i got some nice pictures whit another camera. Most of there are from play on the board whit different setups.


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I like the idea of edge pieces too. I also have the same worries about them. the cool thing about this one is that it could be the objective for some scenarios. like if you have to exit off the board to win, but now you have an exit point to get to.
After first making some random buildings and towers i have started to make more specific terrain. Either from the territories in the game or to get the same effects as the underhive perils tiles.
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One thing that struck me about the earlier pieces is how well they tie in with the original scenery. That one, obviously, is even more faithful to the original. Very nice indeed.
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Thanks i have made a lot the last year. But i found a color combination that looks a bit like the old tiles. In general i try to use light colors so its possible to see the figures.
So mange to finish up some stuff today. Its in the same color range as the other stuff. Also i put up a pictures of all the blue buildings and one whit some un finished mins for scale.