N17 Jons terrain and miniatures

Wouldn’t “Wanted Dead or Alive” be fitting as well?
Indeed its a variation of the same theme :D Anyhow i think Westerns are pretty fitting to the Ash waste setting. By the way I have started a new table again. Before finishing the weird hive table. I normally dont do that. But a new ash wast table is necessary. :p There will be pictures soon.
So I still have a bit of painting to do. But it can be played on. It's 4x8. Whit 4 2x4 plates. The plan is to use it on the rolling road scenarios. Instead of moving the minityrs backwards each round. To clear the last plate and but it in front. That's the idea anyway.
Thats a reasonable solution. I want to do something similar with the cardboard times and 3d printed road sections