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The last of my nomads. What will my new project be...?


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And here I was thinking of the wastes as a dreay, colourless, monochromatic grey but you sir have proven me to be vastly mistaken. Having said that I am kinda diggin your rioutess colour scheme. If it is a grey expanse out there, you will have to call your gang the Dogs Balls, cause they stand out like a hound's kahunas.
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Hehe its a huge planet. And i guess if will very a bit how tings are. I think my next project will be a bit less colorfull. But we will see.
The main inspiration for my nomads are berber nomads. And they are often very colorfull.
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I think they fit right in with the fluff for Necromunda. If you’re on Instagram, Crimson Oracle has some Ash Wastes pics that are riots of color. Early fluff said it was due to the variety of pollutants and toxins spread across the wastes.
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That’s the most interestingly painted flea I’ve seen!! Much cooler. 👍🏻

I bet Color shift paint would work well too, like beetles occasionally have that iridescent sheen.
I have seen some paintet in color shift on the net. And yes it worked fine. Its a bit random how my flees turned green. It was a friend that startet to paint one of them like that and then i just tried to do something simular on the rest.
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Oh right. He is a rather nice miniature but GW for the ash wastes I am guessing its not cheap. He certainly does do it for me though so I will check it out. Thanks lads.
A nice collection and your crawler is a good and nice find.

Edit: Excuse me, but I did not recognize the crawler as FW and thought it would be an alternative model.
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