N17 Jons terrain and miniatures

The deserter. I rely liked the audio play. You should hear it.
I cant stand the bounty hunter that looks like a late 18th century wiggy ponce, or the flying ballsack psyker models, but the rest of the FW stuff is great (awesome paintjobs all around, and the table looks good too.)
I painted the figures an stripes. Then washes and water. After that I dry brushed silver then, raysa rust and underhive dust. I do feel that underhive dust is compulsory 😉
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When you put on wash. Don't use a little, use but a lot. Then you spray it whit water. Same kind of can used on flowers. you could also use other texstures like marsian iron earth or similar tings.
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This is a narrative character for our ongoing campaign. Its a Heresy lab min. whit some conversions. Made a plasma pistol/gun from a vansaar and a delaq pistol and put on a servo skull for good measures.
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